Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Freebies are nice!

I got this in the mail yesterday. I used to eat LUNA bars a lot before I went low-carb. I still get their emails and newsletters. Every now and then they offer free samples if you're willing to take the time to fill out a simple form. I've gotten quite a few from them so far -- one even included a free tote bag. This time it was just for a Chocolate Peppermint Stick bar. I don't eat them anymore, but my girls might, so I went ahead and filled out the form. Imagine my surprise to get the lip balm in the same flavor -- now that I can use!

How about you -- do you get any interesting freebies?


  1. oh! cool! nice. Especially with lipbalm. Bonus! :0)

  2. Freebies ARE nice! I hardly ever take advantage of offers like that.
    Chocolate peppermint lip balm sounds yummy.