Friday, December 30, 2011

New toy ...

This is the newest addition to our family room, which by the looks of it, is soon to become a home gym. I'm seriously thinking of charging admission or membership fees. Between this, the recumbent bike, the TreadClimber, and all the hand weights, it's starting to look like the YMCA. Or, at the very least, someone else's house! God knows I've never been into exercising much, except for when I was a kid and in gymnastics.

The Total Gym is kind of Rick and my Christmas present. We're just hoping we can keep up with the monthly payments. Maybe we can stop eating for awhile. It got here on Wednesday, but when Rick went to try it out, something wasn't working right. He pretty much flipped out and spent the night tossing and turning -- keeping me awake in the process. By morning, he had contacted them and they said they'd ship a new one, but it wouldn't be for 2-3 more weeks because they were swamped with orders. The lady suggested we try to use it in the meantime, if possible.

Well, you know how Rick is, and he couldn't let it rest until he figured out what was wrong. Turns out they installed something wrong and he was able to fix it himself. He came upstairs last night, all proud of himself, begging me to look at what the problem was. It bummed him out when I didn't want to actually see all the details in what was wrong and how he fixed it. As long as it was fixed -- that was good enough for me.

We both went through the basic work-out last night. It wasn't as bad as I thought. I only had a hard time with pull-up type things where I had to lie on my back and pull my arms down. Those were tough because I don't have good upper body strength. I never have, which was one thing that made gymnastics hard for me. I managed through them all okay, but those were the toughest. I'm not too sore either. I mostly only feel it in my triceps, which is one area all my other exercising hasn't reached. So hopefully, this will be a nice addition to what I've already been doing.


  1. Nice toy! After all the Christmas cookies I've been eating, I think I could use one of those!

  2. Good for you Rena and now you really will have a healthy and happy New Year!

  3. Nice! Now you are all ready for next year! Happy New Years!