Friday, December 28, 2012

My daughter rocks!

Check out these before and after pictures of me and Nicole. This was taken at our church's Angel Breakfast many years ago. The picture below was a snapshot I got from the church. Sadly, it just got tossed around everywhere and ended up with these horrible markings caused from water or something. I thought the picture was ruined for good, which made me sad because it was the only copy I had. Not only that, but this is actually a photo of the original photo taken with my iPhone. What was the chance of saving it?

In comes my amazing daughter Nichelle and — WOW! I swear, that girl can fix anything. She's my go-to person when it comes to fixing things. She's put bracelets back together for me, fixed my earrings, and has removed countless splotches from my pictures. She even fixed Neil's Woody doll when his pull-string broke. Neil loves Woody just as much as Andy did in Toy Story and he was heartbroken when the string broke. We thought we'd have to get him a new one, but in came Nichelle to save the day. She's amazing!

Thank you so much, Nichelle!


  1. I would love to have a "go-to person" :-)

    Happy New Year, Rena!

  2. It must be nice to have someone who can fix anything!

  3. What a cute picture! So glad she saved it.