Saturday, July 11, 2009


Has anyone tried these? LUNA Bars are made by the same company that makes the Clif protein bars. I had never tasted a LUNA Bar up until recently. On a whim, I bought 3 boxes of them without even knowing if I'd like them. That's weird for me because I usually try a single before I go buying a box. But for whatever reason, I bought 3 boxes and it turned out that I love them!

I've always loved granola bars and protein bars. My favorite were Tiger's Milk. For awhile, Trader Joe's had a really good protein bar, but then they stopped making it. I was on a quest to find another I liked as much. I tried Zone Perfect bars, which are okay, but kind of on the hard side. I've actually bit into a Zone bar and broke a tooth before. My dentist couldn't believe it. Not an Abba Zabba, not a Sugar Daddy -- a nutrition bar -- go figure.

Anyway, now I'm hooked on LUNA Bars. They have all sorts of great flavors and and they won't crack up my teeth. So far I've tried the Caramel Nut Brownie, Chocolate Peppermint Stick, and Peanut Butter Cookie. All of them are yummy. If you look at their website, you'll see they have all kinds of flavors, including lemon and a Chai tea one. They're not intended to be eaten as a meal replacement, but if you add a nonfat yogurt and a piece of fruit, you're pretty much covered. Now I'm on a quest to try them all.

On another note -- do you ever have some crazy song or jingle pop into your head just totally out of the blue? If so, what was the last song that came into your mind? I have NO idea why I thought of this song this morning, but it just popped into my head for some strange reason ...


  1. Even after all of these years, Oscar Mayer is still subliminally trying to get you to buy their products. Sneaky, sneaky ad execs and their catchy tunes. ;)

    I do like a good granola bar once in a while, but I don't actively seek them out. Same goes for protein bars.


  2. I loved that commercial, such a cute little boy. Yeesh, he's as old as we are now probably. LOL

    Oscor Mayer died a few days ago, maybe that's why it popped into your head.

    I get songs that stick in my head sometimes, it's usually not a commercial though. More likely to be something from Disney. (hmmm, wonder why?)


  3. No, I've never eaten or even heard of the Luna bar. Interesting though! And that commerical is too cute!

  4. Maybe that's why the song came to mind, Nancy -- I did read about Oscar Mayer III passing away the other day. He was like 95 years old or something.

    Bought a new flavor of LUNA Bars today when I went out -- Nutz Over Chocolate! I'll give it a try for breakfast!

  5. I used to love this commercial - I can't believe it is from 1973 though... I obviously saw it in reruns since I was only 3 when it came out! But now I have that song in my head... thanks alot Rena!