Monday, July 27, 2009

Sunsets, fish and TJs!

Rick & I went out to dinner tonight -- no place fancy -- we went to Andria's Seafood Restaurant in Ventura. I've been craving their deep-fried halibut for 3 years. It was SO good! We have a fish place where we live, but it's nothing like this one. Rick even bought an Andria's tee shirt, so now I'll crave it each time he wears it. The halibut is so good! After dinner we got an ice cream cone and walked around Ventura Harbor for a bit when we noticed this amazing sunset. I got some cool pictures -- some with birds and some with boats. I can't decide which one to post, so maybe I'll put up a couple of them. Besides Andria's, we also went to Trader Joe's today, so I was a happy camper. We walked in and Rick asked me what I needed. I just looked around and said, "Nothing, I just want to be here." I ended up buying some mini peanut butter cups, black licorice, chicken chow mein and some facial moisturizer. I even got a recycled TJs bag for 99-cents, so now I can stare at that and dream about Trader Joe's even more. I really do love Montana -- I think I just missed Andria's and TJs the most!

We picked up a rental car today, so now we have a way to get around without my MIL having to drive us everywhere. We also went to the Navy base to get groceries. My ILs haven't been home for a week, so they needed to get some things. My sister-in-law, Kathy is visiting from back east, along with her new husband, Rich. It's kind of crazy because my FIL is named Richard and then we also have a Rick and a Rich. Tomorrow Rick & I are going to Lake Casitas for lunch to meet some of Rick's co-workers from the sheriff's department. That should be fun. Rick has really missed his friends since leaving. One of them doesn't know we're coming, so we're trying really hard to make it a surprise for her. On Thursday, Rick & I are driving to visit my mom in Barstow, which is about 3 hours away. My brother said she will know we're there, but is way less responsive than she was the last time we saw her. It will be hard seeing her like that. On our way home we'll stop to visit another friend before coming back to Ojai. I have so many people I'd love to meet up with, so I'm hoping I can make that happen.


  1. I love your sunset pictures. Sorry there aren't any Trader Joe's where you live now. I also got hooked on TJs when I lived in Southern California. Luckily, Tucson has four.

  2. It's funny I put a reply about your bag from TJ's on my site and talked about deep-fried food and then I popped over here to read about deep-fried halibut. We must be on the same wave-length ;-)

    Beautiful pics - especially the birds suspended in the moment.

  3. Have a great trip with your family and old friends, Rena! (and with TJs!)

  4. Really great pics, Rena. I think I like the first one the best, it's so rich in colour.

    The halibut sounded so yummy. I lurve a good fish dish.

    TJs has survived Hurricane Rena! Don't worry about missing the place - I have a feeling a certain Christmas elf will make sure you'll get another box of Chocolate-covered Cherries w/liquour this year. ;)


  5. LOL Gale! I'm so glad the 2nd half of your trip is turning out than the beginning! Beautiful pictures, especially with the birds. California can definitely have some gorgeous sunsets!

    Someday I'm going to have to find a Trader Joe's to check out for myself.


  6. LOL Rena-you do quite well finding things you "need". I don't know if we have a Trader Joe's in Maine or not. Your sunset pics are fabulous! And deep fried ANYTHING sounds delicious. Enjoy the rest of your trip.I'm having fun checking out your SpongeBobs to see what mood you are in.:)


  7. Beautiful pictures Rena! Seriously though, will you still be my friend if I admit that I don't know what 'Trader Joes' is? Obviously a store... right? :)

    Silly Canadians don't even have a Target, not to mention Trader Joes!