Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Today's pictures ...

Neil, waiting for our burritos on our way to Toys R Us.

Nathan and what he thinks of burritos ...

Rick ordering lunch -- Johnny's has the BEST beef burritos in the world!

The house I grew up in -- it's totally been redone and remodeled.

My old elementary school in Ojai, California -- San Antonio School.

My in-law's cat, Dusty -- but I call him Pretty Boy.

Some treasures I've found on our stay -- haven't seen a Big Cherry in years!

Tomorrow we're driving to Barstow to visit my mom at the nursing home. She's not doing too well and my brother says she's not responsive as much as when we left. She wasn't able to talk 3 years ago, but she was more alert than she is now. It will be hard to see her like that. After we visit my mom and brother, we're going to visit another friend we haven't seen in years before making the 3-hour drive back home. Should be a long day ...


  1. Silly boys. :)

    Oh man, don't show TH those Big Cherries! Sometimes he can't find them and laments their yumminess.

    Good luck with your visit. Lots of strength to you.


  2. Great pictures! Neil looks like he's the family clown. :0)

    ((((hugs)))) re: the visit to your mom.

  3. LOL, you're boys are too funny. I love Raggedy Ann and Andy. I have 2 that my aunt made me a long long time ago.

    Careful on your drive to Barstow to see your mom.


  4. Love "the Look" those boys can give.


    Hope it's a good trip and here's a big hug =X=

  5. Love the pictures. Pretty Boy is gorgeous!

  6. Great shots! I miss my Raggedy Ann doll now...

  7. I love the Big Cherry candy bars! I find them now and then at Riteaid and have to get me one each time I see them.
    My mom was supposed to make me a Rageddy Ann doll but she never finished it up. I think she stayed bald and then who knows where she went to?
    Thanks for the great pictures of the buys they remind me of mine here!