Friday, July 3, 2009

Nips' babies!

If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you'll know I'm nuts about squirrels. I love feeding them, watching them, and photographing them. The first one I named Andy, after the squirrel in the movie Funny Farm. Awhile back I saw one squirrel that looked like she was pregnant and/or nursing. I nicknamed her Nips, for obvious reasons. I believe these are her children above. I've been seeing a lot of squirrels come up to my feeder lately. Squirrels don't like to share, so there's usually a fight over who gets to sit in the feeder. The other day I saw two sitting together and it dawned on me -- this wasn't Nips, but her babies. Then a day or two later I caught pictures of them playing in a tree. They were climbing on top of one another and chasing each other around. It was quite a sight. The picture below almost looks like a squirrel sitting by a mirror, but it's actually two squirrels.

I haven't come up with names for the babies yet -- got any suggestions?


  1. They're so cute! Great photos, Rena.

  2. Darling rodents! As for names...

    Larry, Mo and Curly?

    Athos, Porthos, Aramis?

    Hither, Thither and Yon?

    Winken, Blinken and Nod?

    Dick, Jane and Sally?

    Give, me a moment I could come up with more!

  3. Oh they are soooo cute! I love these pictures.

  4. Can I get an AWWWWWWW?

    So cute. Great pics, Rena.

    Hmm, names...

    Harry, Ron & Hermione?

    Ender, Bean & Petra?

    Frodo, Sam & Arwen?

    From some of my fave books. :D

    You could also name 'em after food...

    Muffin, Bagel & Toast?

    Good luck with the names. :)


  5. Meeny, Miney and Mo.

    Cute pictures.

  6. LOL @ some of those names. I like the Harry Potter ones, but one would have to be a female, do you know what "gender" they are?

    How about:


    Cute Pictures!


  7. Awww! Too cute.
    Weeble and Wobble

  8. LOVE them. Cute! I remember a time, several years back, where a baby squirrel fell out of the tree next to my apartment. I got a box, put some gloves on and scooped him up...rescued him and made sure the local shelter came and took care of him. :)

  9. Cuties! We have shrews in our garden tho some mistake them for squirrels. They love to come into the kitchen and eat our fruits on the table!

  10. WONDERFUL names, everyone! Makes it even more hard to choose!

    I think they're a little mad at me for leaving for 2 days. Nicole usually checks on the feeder, but she was busy working all weekend. I guess they'll live, the little piggies.