Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Got mud?

These photographs were taken in 2005 at our old house in California. One day Rick let the boys loose with a hose in the dirt and everything turned into a muddy mess. They loved it. The picture on top is of Nathan and has always been one of my favorites of him. Neil, below, couldn't be happier pushing his truck through the mucky mud.

I blogged yesterday about Nikki Shoemaker's new book, What's Wrong With Mud? and it got me thinking about other muddy situations. Just like my boys, I loved playing in mud when I was little. Not all mud is fun though. Growing up in Southern California, I've been through my share of mudslides, often blocking off roads for weeks. My first day of high school involved an unfortunate muddy incident too. I was walking on campus when I stepped on a wooden platform that I didn't know was loose. One of my legs slipped down a hole and when I pulled it out, I had mud up to my thigh. I had to call my mom to bring me a new pair of pants. Had this happened today, I'm sure some student would sue the school or something crazy like that. All I remember is being traumatized for falling into a hole and getting my brand new cords covered in thick mud. It was not a good way to start high school.

Do you have any interesting stories relating to mud?

Don't forget to check out Nikki's tour for today -- there are two stops. One is at Crystalee Calderwood's blog and the other is at Mandy Hedrick's blog. Crytalee is a children's author and Mandy is an illustrator. Both are working with 4RV Publishing, LLC. Also, if you'd like to order a copy of What's Wrong With Mud? simply contact Nikki @ nikki.shoemaker@yahoo.com for information. She'll be happy to autograph her book for you or your child.


  1. Absolutely love those pics - couldn't be cuter.

    My mom, when she was little, used to make mud pies and then eat them - worms and all. YIKES! But I guess she was getting a load of protein ;)

  2. Cute pictures! I think all kids love mud. I don't have any particular stories though. :(


  3. cute pictures!

    When I was a kid we had a big flower barrel in the back yard, but we never grew flowers in it. It usually was a muddy mess after it rained, but I would take a big stick and stir it and pretend that I was making coffee for a large restaurant and I would serve up big cups of coffee.

    Also, one time there was mosquito larve swimming in the water. My best friend, who was desperate to have a pet of her own, thought the larva were tadpoles. So, being a good friend, I promptly secured a plastic baggie and we scooped up a bunch of the tadpoll/larva so she could have her own pet frogs. She took them home, the larva hatched, ate through the plastic and her family had to deal w/ a bunch of mosquito's in the house for a while.

    fun times. :0)

  4. I can't tell you enough how awesome you and your posts are Rena!

    Thanks for all the BLOG LOVE this week!!! I really appreciate it.

    I am really excited about the future with the Critter Group books and all the book tour fun we will have then!!!

  5. Love the pictures of your boys, Rena.

    When I was 4 or 5 years old, we lived in a house that had a partially paved driveway. Sometimes my dad would park his car off to the side on the grass. This spot would end up with thick and deep tire tracks, so when it would rain I would put on my swim suit and go slide in the tire tracks. Ahhhh...the good old days when my bum was as narrow as a car tire...


  6. Oh man, I can't imagine how bummed you were to get covered in mud on your first day of high school. As if being a freshman isn't scary enough!

    (BTW, great opening for a novel.)

  7. These pictures are TOO cute. As I mentioned in FB, I birthed 'Mr. Clean".. hm, bald head and all! lol Well, Ryan has hair now but he still hates to get dirty, hates rain, mud, even dirt - but will tolerate sand if it is on a warm beach somewhere. (No one said he was dumb!) lol He tends to freak out if he gets a speck on his clothes... saying that though, he is getting better as he gets older - he even relents and plays soccer in the rain now. (But heaven forbid the first time he falls on the wet field and gets his uniform dirty... I don't want to be there for that!) :)

  8. Now that looks like one fun day for the boys! Great pics!

  9. Rena;
    You are a photographer at heart!
    I love these pics!

    I agree... mud is fun. (I have even have a mud scene in my YA)

  10. Looks so much fun..There is nothing better than mud!

  11. Oh! Sooooo cute! I love the pictures