Saturday, August 8, 2009


Here's a question -- do you love them or hate them? The reason I ask is because a few weeks ago I was reading an article that said the popularity of Crocs was dying down. One of the reasons given was because the shoes lasted so long and people didn't need to buy more. Then I looked at the Crocs website and saw they have a huge shoe line. I thought it was interesting that there were so many types. However, I'm not one for malls or going to shoe stores all that often, so it really shouldn't be a surprise.

When I first saw people wearing Crocs, I thought they were ugly. They reminded me of those other plastic shoes that came out in the 1980s called jellies. I had a pair of clear jellies, but I hated wearing them because they made squooshy sounds when I walked. They soon became known as farty shoes and I couldn't wear them. When Crocs came out, I figured they'd be the same way, so I had no interest in trying them. Besides that, I thought the colors were too bright and gawdy looking. But then ......

Last February Rick & I went on that trip to Las Vegas for our 21st wedding anniversary. I packed mostly my cowboy boots, since I don't get to wear my fancier ones all that much with the snow, rain, and mud. I thought Vegas would be a cool place to wear my suede green boots. What I didn't think about was not having a car. We flew in and didn't rent a car, so we did a lot more walking than I had anticipated. I was near tears when we finally went into the MGM and saw the Rainforest Cafe store. By that point, even Crocs were sounding good. I bought a pair of black ones and after rubbing my feet raw with my boots, the Crocs felt like I was walking on clouds!

I still wear them, surprisingly, but only with socks. I don't really like how they feel when I'm barefoot. I'm not sure if I'll buy another pair, though the boots on the website look cool. I might like those and maybe the blue ones to wear with jeans. I might consider getting some for the boys once they grow out of their current water shoes too. Up here, we spend a lot of time in the lakes and the bottom is really rocky in places, so you have to wear shoes. Flip flops don't work and the boys usually wear those pull-on water shoes. I've seen people wearing Crocs, including professional kayakers, so that might be an option for them. That is, if they stick around awhile longer!


  1. Okay, I admit it - I am a Croc wearer. I never planned to be and I have never bought a pair but my husband buys every new, weird trendy thing he can so there they were - in the hallway... and they were orange. eek But one day I had to run outside quick and slipped them on... and I have never looked back. Now we seem to have a pair by every door and since we basically have the same size feet (yes, I am a monster) we share shoes. Ah, how (um) romantic. :)

    Am I sharing too much again? hmmm

  2. I have a similar story. I needed a pair of sandals for the beach in NC. I never liked the way the origianl Crocs looked, but my all-time favorite pair of shoes I've had was the black flip-flop Crocs I found at a little beach store. I finally wore them out last fall.

  3. I've never worn crocs, but my daughter has several pair, and she loves them! They DO last forever, it seems. I'm always surprised how expensive they are. I mean, they're PLASTIC, you know? And they charge liek $25 for a CHILD'S pair! That's pretty dumb.

    Glad they helped your feet. My mom is a huge fan of crocs. She walks around in bright yellow ones that make me smile.

  4. No, I'm sorry, but I will never wear those repulsive things. EVER.

    I had a pair of jellies as a kid. My feet always got so sweaty in them and they never failed to give me painful blisters. But you better believe I rocked 'em.


  5. Love my crocs! They will be great for the lake, Rena!


  6. Don't have any - I love my squishy sandals

  7. I have a pair of Crocs more dressy sandals that are cute.
    My kids had them last year. I love the convenience of having them slip on and off! But they aren't the prettiest shoes.