Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Chomping at summer's end ...

I missed blogging yesterday, but was out of the house most of the day. Oh well, it's not like the world came to an end. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to wish Rick a happy birthday. I had to go to the dentist yesterday to get a crown put back in that had fallen out on Saturday afternoon. My last dentist stopped accepting our insurance, so we had to make some calls Monday to find a new one. The new office is way up in Whitefish, about an hour away, but it seemed like a great place. They took me in on their lunch break to put the crown back in, which says a lot to me. The boys will be seeing them in September because one of the dentists there specializes in children. So, that actually turned out well.

It's hard to believe that the year is two-thirds of the way over and that summer is coming to an end soon. I guess a lot of people have kids already in school now. Rick & I did some shopping yesterday afternoon and the stores were crazy by the school supplies. I don't envy you moms who have to run around with lists of things to buy. All of the parents look really stressed out and the kids just have a look of disgust on their faces. Poor things. I do need to get myself in gear and get ready for school too. This will be our 12th year homeschooling. It will just be the boys this year, so it's kind of like how we started when it was just the girls. Nathan will be in 5th grade and Neil will be in 2nd grade. Those are fun grades and autumn is a really cool time for craft projects and field trips, like to the cornfield maze.

Nicole is leaving in a few weeks to start college in Florida, so we've been busy trying to get her ready. She's been homeschooled since she was in the 2nd grade, so college will be a big adjustment to her. However, the college she's attending caters to homeschoolers, so I know she'll be fine. My biggest worry is that she's going to Pensacola and it's always hit by the season storms. The college is 20 miles inland, so I'm sure she'll be fine. I wouldn't be a mom if I didn't worry. My oldest, Nichelle, is getting ready to leave Maui and fly to Thailand next Monday. She'll be there a week or so, and then will travel to Borneo for her Youth With A Mission outreach program. She's really looking forward to it. She'll be wandering through jungles and such, so it's going to be an experience of a lifetime for her.

So anyway -- I'm sitting here looking at the calendar and trying not to freak out. It's amazing how quickly summer is going by. I realize there are still a few weeks left for us. We homeschool so we have the luxury of starting school when we want. I'm planning on September 8th, the day after the holiday weekend. I don't want to start sooner because Nicole leaves for college on the 4th and I'd like the boys to be able to spend as much time with her as they can before she leaves. However, it does mean I need to get busy with my curriculum, lesson plans, organizing our classroom and all that fun stuff. After doing it for so many years, it's not that hard for me and is mostly just a time issue. It's hard to get into the school state of mind because I have a new idea for a picture book I've been thinking about. There are squirrels involved, which is why I put the pic of the squirrel eating the tortilla chip up top. I would also like to squeeze in another camping trip this summer, but I'm not sure if that will happen. I'm hoping we can go kayaking this weekend because we're supposed to have warm weather.

How about you -- got any last plans for summer?


  1. I get their ad's from A Beka all the time. I can't wait to hear how she likes it! (I've already started school *love home schooling)

  2. What a nice blog. You are definitely going through a lot of emotions right now, I'll keep you in my prayers. No big end of summer plans here, we're boring. LOL


  3. Andrew's 3 weeks of vacation is all over now. We went to a few different beaches and a couple boat trips. The boys want to go to Boston to see the New England Aquarium, and the USS Constitution (ship),so we may still do that this fall when it's cooler.This week has been unbearably hot ,so I have no complaints about summer coming to an end.Very cute squirrel picture! I thought it was a wheat thin he was eating.


  4. LOL Leanne -- it does look like a Wheat Thin. This was one of the squirrels at the restuarant at Lake Casitas in California. I didn't toss the chip to him, someone else did. But I swear, these squirrels were so used to people feeding them that I wouldn't be surprised if they knew how to dip the chips in salsa too.

  5. That pic is a crack-up. Before I read that it was taken while you guys were here in Cali, I was gonna ask if they've finally busted through your door and raided your pantry!

    We've been kind of putting it off, but we want Ellie to start preschool this fall. Just half-days, three times a week. She already knows how to write her first name, knows her numbers & letters, etc. - it's mainly for socialisation. Still feeling nervous about it, though.


  6. My kids are back in school now, so our summer is pretty much over.

    sounds like you've got a busy rest of the summer. Have fun!

  7. I cannot believe that this year is almost over either. BUT...I do love fall/autumn and am looking forward to experiencing it here. And I LOVE Christmas...let's hope I do not have to spend it alone this year. (crosses her fingers)

    Love you and missed you! **hugs** :)

  8. Hi Rena,
    seems like it is getting to the end of summer, here the kids are back already. My oldest is going of to university in September too.
    Now that things are getting back to normal, maybe I'll get back to my writing which has taken a break for a while now.
    I like the squirrel!

  9. I've been setting up 2 classrooms this week. I'm almost finished. I've got Open House in one building tomorrow, meetings Monday and another Open House in the other building, and school starts Tuesday. I can't believe it's time to start already!

  10. +Hi Rena is your daughter attending Pensacola Christian? Members of my church here in Orting are down there right now. Brian and Adrienne Wilson They coach the womens basketball and Brother Brian is going to school. They are a lovely and sweet couple. Hope she is going there! Sounds like you are a busy lady these last few weeks. Have you had any more *accidents* since vacation? Hugs, Daphne

  11. Hi Daphne -- Yes, Nicole is going to Pensacola Christian College. She's really excited about it and is busy trying to get ready to go. I think she's just about all set. It will be hard having her gone along with our other daughter, Nichelle, who is in Maui and leaving for SE Asia on Monday. Nichelle will be back in November and Nicole can hopefully come home for Christmas.

    As for "accidents" -- OMGosh, yes! I don't know what's happening to me, but it feels like I'm always getting hurt. Saturday I pulled out a crown (which was already loose) so I had to have that put back in on Monday. Luckily, I wasn't in any pain all weekend, so that was good. And now there's something funky going on with my left eye. It hurts, but on the inside, like a muscle strain. It's not affecting my vision, but if I close my eyelid tightly and put pressure, I feel some pain. If it's not one thing, then it's another, isn't it? Thanks for checking up on me! :)

  12. First I am so happy to hear a good dentist story! Everyone seems to have a horror story and being the wife of a dentist... I always get to hear them! lol Then I hear everything that Vince does for his patients (working through his lunches, going in when he is off for an emergency etc) and I think - wow, he is either the best dentist in the world - or he has a girlfriend! lol

    As for summer, it has blazed past. We did a couple of trips to kid friendly places and have a few day trips planned for the next few weeks. Ryan is starting kindergarten and with their graduated system, he doesn't start going every day until Sept 22. And my baby Jess is starting pre-school. Just 2 half days a week but still, my mommy heart is crying (and cheering) but mostly crying.

    It is amazing how fast not just the summer, but the last 4 years of my life have gone by.