Saturday, August 29, 2009

Got poo?

I just blogged about the dogs we used to have two days ago. A lot of dog lovers came out, which I thought was cool. Then last night my friend Lisa posted a video on Facebook. As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to blog about it because it's just too darn silly ...

I looked for a website to find out if this was a real product or a joke, and it appears to be a real deal. Check out the POOTRAP website for yourself if you don't believe me. I had to laugh while watching the video when they said "Pootrap comes in 8 sizes and 3 colors." I guess, maybe for some, color is important?

Then I showed the video to Rick and we started laughing about careless dog owners who would let their dog walk around with the same bag all day until it was dragging on the ground. Maybe they could make extra large bags for people who work all day and don't want to come home to a poopy yard. You think? How about a string of bags that twist into a ball after each poop, kind of like that Diaper Genie thing? I can just see dogs wandering around with a big chain of poopy bags behind them.

Now, don't get me wrong -- I'm not making fun of this product. I love it! I think EVERY dog owner should buy it. I would totally recommend it for dog people. We don't have as much of a problem here as we did at our house in California. People were constantly walking their dogs and letting them poop right by my mailbox. I used to sit in the house and fume! Stuff like that makes me want to hide out in a tree with a gun. So yeah, I think everyone should buy the POOTRAP! Buy now! Hurry! While supplies last!

This is why I have cats. As soon as they come out with a non-pooping dog, I'll be first in line. ;)


  1. I'm sorry Rena,but I could not walk my dog with one of those things strapped to his butt and still have my dignity. Cookie would be pretty darn humiliated too. I bet they aren't good sellers. I use "poopy pick up bags ",you just put your hand in it,grab the poop,turn it wrong side out,tie it up,and toss. Works for me. Without the humiliation!


  2. Okay, I just had to forward this to Hubs...once I stopped laughing...I cannot picture Koda walking around with this thing stuck to his butt, just waiting for him to 'poo'...LOL...Hubs will love this...since he is the one that cleans up after Koda most of the time...he will probably want one...grin...too funny...

  3. That is just to dang funny! I can not imangine my Beagle Mali wearing that! She would chew it up and leave poo all over the place.Thanks for the laugh!

  4. O M G!! The video is funny enough, but your blog is hysterical!!
    Love the corgis in the vid!!


  5. We have two dogs and a cat :) - poopy poopy yard :(

  6. hahahaha....I busted out laughing when I watched the video. In one sense, it is down right's down right funny. :D

  7. I'm in line for the non-pooping dog too.

    I love dog owners who use little plastic bags to clean up after their dogs and then leave those little bags alongside the trail. Lovely.

  8. Cat lover here! Once they come up with a non-barking, non-pooping, non-digger of a dog, I might consider one...

  9. OMG - I am still laughing. I so needed a laugh today. Thanks Rena.