Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dog-gone it!

Yesterday was National Dog Day. I got so excited about the new cover for Dilly that I overlooked the dog's big day -- sorry about that. Are you a dog person? I grew up with lots of dogs. My sister always brought them home. "But Mom, they're going to kill it!" Sharon would say. She always had some good story and because of them -- we always had dogs.

Everyone in our neighborhood has dogs, except for us. We're probably the only ones without one. Whenever there is a bear wandering through the neighborhood, I can tell it's location by the sound of the dogs. I like dogs, but I have no desire to get one. Keeping up with the cat box is enough for me and I don't like dogs messing on the grass with my boys running around. It's bad enough when a neighbor's dog does that on our lawn.

There was a time when we had 2 beagles. Both were adopted from a beagle rescue center in California. Maggie (below) was a red, ticked color and Monty (above) was the traditional tricolor beagle. Maggie was a spaz. She was a typical beagle who was content doing her own thing. Monty was a neurotic mess. He had issues. I'm not sure if it was because of something that happened to him as a puppy or if he just had a mental disorder. He was afraid of his own shadow. When he got nervous, he would drool. It wasn't your average dog drool either -- this was sticky, gooey, almost-like-rubber drool. We used to call it his fangs because it would just hang there. In fact, if you look closely at Monty above, you can see his the start of his drooly fangs -- ick. They'd get so long that when he'd shake his head, they'd flip right over his nose -- ick, ick!

The beagies, as we called them, were fun dogs, but they both had issues. When we got them, the girls were probably the same age as the boys are now, maybe a little younger. Eventually, the boys came along and we just didn't have the time to devote to the dogs. We took them back to the rescue center, which wasn't easy to do. For Maggie, it was a piece of cake. It was almost like she expected to go back. She took off running and never looked back. Monty was a little more skittish and had to be drug away. That wasn't fun. However, both of them were quickly adopted back out to good homes, so I was thankful for that. We still joke that Maggie has made a career out of being adopted. Then when the owners return her to the center, she usually comes back with new leashes, toys, food, blankets and all sorts of goodies. I think she was a professional scam dog, taking owners for as much as she could, and then returning for her next victim. Look at her below -- she's evil!

So, how about you -- are you a dog person?


  1. Absolutely a dog person! We have 2 right now: a rat terrier and a shih tzou.

    As a kid, I had 4 dogs at one time: Old English Sheepdog, Newfoundland, Standard Poodle, Black Lab. (We lived on a farm).

  2. I am very much a dog person (I have one snuggled next to me as I type this). I wanted one my whole childhood, but my parents didn't let me because we were so busy. So as soon as my husband and I could get one, we did!

  3. awww! how cute. I have 2 dogs. One black lab and a beagle that looks a lot like the one in your top picture.

  4. I love dogs! I have a tri colored one named Mali. She is my baby now. I got her off of Craigslist 2 summers ago. She will be 4 in December. Mali is a great dog and is not a howler or a barker at all. Well unless you ring the door bell. SHe loves to play with Fraidy Cat but Fraidy Cat hates Mali!

  5. I like dogs I just don't want the responsibility of owning one. We have two cats but that is mainly because my hubby grew up with cats and that is what he is used to. He also does all the work involved with the cats - especially the cat litter.

    I had a dog for most of my childhood but it was really my dad's dog. My mom brought it home from her work where it had been abandoned and we got to keep it. (the funny thing is that my mom is the biggest anti - pet person ever so it is basically a miracle that we ever got one.) Buttons was a white west highland terrier and she was a great pet but pretty dumb. She loved all other animals - especially skunks. (so she was pink from tomato juice baths all summer!)

    She had a good long life with us though and had to be put down when I was in high school. It broke my dad's heart and he has never gotten another dog. And neither have I.

    I now worry because Ryan is 4 now and will soon start asking for a dog... then who knows what will happen.

  6. I love dogs,especially the type that love attention. We had a great second-hand dog when I was young,and I have been lobbying for one for many years. Two Christmas' ago, I rescued a terrified beagle\basset mix from the shelter. I thought I was doing such a great thing,but that dog was a horribly neurotic mess.I won't go into all the details,but we had him put to sleep 3 months later. My husband insisted on a beagle or nothing,so we have a beagle now. He's a great dog,besides the occasional shooting out the door. I think I've decided I'm more of a cat person!


  7. LOL Leanne -- Maggie used to take off like a rocket too. She wouldn't even look back. One time she got out of the yard at night and was wandering around the trailer park that we lived by. Poor Monty was just a nervous wreck, thinking the world had come to an end.

    After having beagles, you really appreciate Snoopy. Shultz got the sounds and behaviors down to a T!

  8. Oh yea I admit I HATE the bolting out the door part of a beagle. Mali is getting better about it and I usually just have to growl like a mean dog and she comes back. Or I will open the van door and say lets go byby! At least she is smart and is able to find her way home when she does make a run for the boarder. I love beagles they are so forgiving and loving. Oh and I love how clean my kitchen floor stays with her!

  9. Oh yeah -- I remember how our beagles would eat anything and everything. Maggie ate a bunch of cat poop when she was outside once. Then she came in and threw up all over the carpet. I think that was one of the last days we had her -- LMHO!

  10. I LOVE doggies. I grew up with dogs most of my life. Let's see there was Scotty, Pepsi...hee :D

    Puppies are so snuggly and the world's best friend! :)