Friday, August 21, 2009

Dilly's First Trailer!

I finally made a book trailer for A New Job for Dilly. After fiddling around with a few programs, I finally went to PhotoShop Elements and got this made. I had to upload it through YouTube and I'm not happy about their logo going over some of my text, so I might redo parts of it. It was my first attempt at a trailer, so I'll try not to be too critical and give myself some credit. It's only a minute long, but then again, it is for a picture book. I hope you enjoy seeing it and I'm looking forward to getting better at these things!


  1. Hi Rena, way cool, kids will love this. See Ya...

  2. What a cute trailer!

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  3. I think it's great! It makes you want to buy the book,to see how his job search goes. Very cute.


  4. Very nice trailer. Dilly is still a huge request at bedtime for Maddie. "Mommy, I want New Job Ah Diyee." You've definitely got a fan in this household. :)


  5. Awesome trailer Rena! :)

  6. Thanks to Mike for the info about your book - I got right on Amazon and ordered a copy. It came yesterday - very cute! I am going to send it to my youngest grandchild ( and only granddaughter) She is Tim's daughter - age 5 - Annabelle Jones. I think she will really enjoy it.

    In case you can't figure out who I am - your Mother's rooomate from nursing school