Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I saw this picture online today and it reminded me of a pair of clogs I got in the 1970s. Mine were a lot like these, but were more of a wine or burgundy color. I begged my mom to buy them because clogs were all the rage at the time. I bought them from a shop in the city of Solvang, California. That's a little danish town, just north of Santa Barbara. The store sold mostly imported clogs. I always loved seeing the gigantic, red clog they had sitting outside the shop. It's probably still there, too.

Of course, back in the 1970s, I had real issues with my feet and the clogs hurt them so bad. I could hardly ever wear them. I eventually had surgery on my feet, but by that point, I longer had the clogs. They can still be found today and in my different types of styles. The only clog-like shoes I have right now are Crocs. I know a lot of people hate those shoes, but when you have trouble with your feet, you wear what you can. However, I miss my old wooden clogs. I'd like to get another pair sometime. Clogs have a fascinating history behind them. Even Wiki has a lot on them -- click here.

So, how about you -- did you ever wear clogs or do you still?


  1. I think I would break an ankle in clogs.
    Clogs always make me laugh because when my sister was 11, she got new clogs. A friend came over and she was at the top of the stairs wearing clogs and walked down yelling, "Hey Denny! Look at my new clogs!" and then tumbled down the stairs in them. And it's funny because only her pride was hurt. :)

  2. My hubby has always worn clogs. Maybe because he's from Denmark

  3. I'd have given my spare kidney for some Dr. Scholl's as a girl, but my mom said NO. Now I'm grown up and wear Dansko clogs, not wooden ones!

  4. Never wore them. I can't seem to wear any shoe that doesn't have a heel. I step -- or fall -- right out of them. It's New Balance walking shoes for me!

  5. Kelly -- Oh no, your poor sister. I've done a few things like that myself.

    Kim -- That's great he still wears clogs. People either love them or hate them.

    Green Girl -- I used to have some Dr. Scholl's sandals. I loved them, but they were hard for me to keep on with my bunions. I finally had surgery on both feet. I wonder if they'd be easier to wear now.

    Marcia -- I hear you on the heels. I haven't worn them much since I stopped working outside the home. I'm not sure how well I'd do in them now. :)

  6. I wore clogs when I was in college (1975-1979). Every women at my college did, as well as some men. And they looked exactly like the ones pictured above. Some wore suede (yes, suede) ones instead of the leather. And they were incredibly comfortable and we didn't "clomp" around in them-we could run in them! And I am trying to find what the brand was that we wore. There couldn't have been many brands and they would have had to be relatively inexpensive (no one had much $$ and our parents all hated them so THEY would not fork over the money to buy them) and readily available in NJ, NY, CT, MA and other states in New England and the Mid-Atlantic area. I grew up in NJ and my college was in rural Central NY state so I would have purchased them in one of those 2 places. Can you tell me the brand of the ones shown? Or, if you know/remember, what I most likely wore back then? Thanks!