Friday, November 18, 2011

Pinecone Turkeys

Here are some little pinecone turkeys the boys and I made today. Mind you, they look nothing like the ones we saw online, which were cute also. We had to improvise with what we had, but I think they turned out pretty good. Fortunately, I found some little pieces of wood to attach them to and then we used fabric leaves rather than feathers. Neil decided to make his standing upright, so that's his in the middle. Nathan's is on the right. I liked how they turned out and they'll be a fun addition to our Thanksgiving table, which is mostly kid's crafts.

I did, however, get a nasty burn from the hot glue gun today. I got a tiny bit of glue stuck to my left index finger and couldn't get it off very well. When I did, it blistered right up and now it's killing me. It's right where I type, so that's a pain. I'm usually really careful about the glue gun, so I don't know what happened today. And to make things worse, I have a story to edit, so I need to be typing. I'll live, but hopefully it will stop hurting soon.


  1. Those are ahhhhhhhhh....dorable. I love 'em.

    Plus I just noticed your weight loss ---WOW ---- 68 lbs. You're are awe...mazing :)

  2. CUTE idea with the pinecones.
    Ah, those glue guns can be so dangerous. HOpe you heal fast.