Saturday, January 14, 2012

How do you see yourself?

I recently read an article about the modeling industry saying a size 6 is now considered plus-size. I was blown away by that. I've always considered a size 18 and up more in the range of plus-size. Boy, was I way off or what! I posted about this on my Facebook page and some of my friends had pretty good responses. I even put up a picture of myself when I was a size 7/8 and quite thin. By the modeling industry standards, I guess I'd be considered obese.

It was pretty depressing to read that some people think a size 6 is plus-size. I've worked my tail off to lose 68 pounds this past year. I'm no where near a size 6 either. In fact, I can't even remember when I was a size 6. Perhaps when I was in 6th or 7th grade. I'm 5'8" tall, by the way. My goal isn't to be a super model or a size 6, but I am working on getting closer to a 9/10. I guess my chances of becoming a super model are shot to hell ... HA! Part of me -- the sick, demented part of me -- would love to get down to a size 6 just so I could take a picture of how sickly I'd look, and then send it to someone in the industry. I think if I got down to that size I'd look like I was dead.

Then yesterday I went to register on the Atkins website because they're offering 3 free snack bars if you sign up for their starter's kit. I follow Fat To Skinny, not so much Atkins, but free bars are free bars! In order to do that, I had to fill in some information, including weight and height. I was pleasantly surprised to see my BMI listed in the NORMAL range. The modeling industry might think I'm fat and plus-sized, but the Atkins site made me remember there are a few sane people left on this planet.

I've always loved this image with the cat looking in the mirror and seeing himself as a lion. It's been a favorite of mine for years. What we see in the mirror isn't always what other people see. How I see myself in the mirror is not how I see myself in photos. I had Neil take a full body shot of me yesterday, just to see where I was at, and I was mortified. I looked much heavier in the picture than what I see in the mirror. That's just doesn't seem right, but I guess if anything, it makes this cat/lion image even more true.


  1. I have a niece who models for sports companies. They prefer healthy looking girls and guys. Not heroin addicted looking peeps. I wish the media would portray healthy instead of sickly as what we should "model" ourselves after.

    And, I love the lion/cat photo.

  2. Oh my gosh! How can size six be a plus size! I've certainly never considered myself fat! How crazy is that? No wonder teenagers have trouble being happy in their own skin!

  3. WHO thinks size 6 is "plus size?" They are whacked out!