Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Scruff Monsters

I don't know about you, but I let my boys go way too long in between hair cuts. Actually, Nathan can really pull the long hair thing off. When his hair gets longer, it gets really wavy. He and Nicole must have gotten that from Rick, who used to have really curly hair. Neil, on the other hand, just looks like a Beatle wanna-be. Poor thing. But for now, I can see their EYES, which makes me happy. I guess they're good for a couple more months. Ha!


  1. They look so cute in both pictures!

    I don't mind the longer hair look for boys. My oldest had longish hair in most of grade school! Now he likes it short because it's harder to play sports with bangs in your eyes!

  2. My boys are getting shaggy, too, but they don't want haircuts because "it's cold out and the hair keeps us warm."

  3. Wow! I hardly recognize them. Funny what a haircut can do!