Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Elvis!

If he were still alive, Elvis would be celebrating his 74th birthday today. On his website, you can watch a live stream celebration from Graceland today. Click here for details. If you click for more information on that link, you'll find there's a bunch of things planned for people. I think this is amazing. It's a little tacky in one respect, but it's pretty cool that the man is such an icon that they do this. I mean, think about it. He died in 1977. That was 32 years ago. His fame and popularity has only gotten bigger. To be rich & famous is one thing. To be remembered so many years after you're gone is another, especially when your fame grows larger than it was when you were alive. What a challenge for any artist, whether a singer, dancer, actor or writer!

I'm a big Elvis fan. When I started this blog back in August, I talked about about my mom taking me to see Elvis concerts. Click here if you want to read that. Seeing Elvis Presley shows were definitely highlights of my life. No one put on a show like he did, but I have some regrets. I regret I don't have any of the programs or scarves they sold at the concerts. I regret I didn't let those Japanese girls toss me onstage like they wanted to. I regret I didn't see more of his shows. Regardless, I'm grateful for being able to see him in the first place. I'll never forget the excitement in the room right before he came on stage. Or how the lights turned red while he sang "Fever" and how the women all went wild. Or how he'd give kisses to ladies who walked up to the stage, or even rings off his fingers. He was a true entertainer.

I belong to another message board that did a poll once asking if people preferred Elvis or the Beatles. Not surprising, the Beatles were more popular, but I think it had to do with the average age of the members. Most are probably 10 years younger than me. I grew up with both. My mom was a huge Elvis fan and my sister loved the Beatles. They were great in their own way, but I still think Elvis was a better performer. There are many great singers in the world, but not many of them can sing well. Elvis could sing well, even without training. He had that gift. Here's a question -- what's your favorite song by Elvis? It's hard for me to pick just one because I like all of his music, but I do have one true favorite -- MOODY BLUE. So, in honor of The King's 74th birthday today, here is my song ...


  1. Probably Love Me Tender or You'll Never Be Lonely. Click here to see his ”Top 50 Elvis Songs”

    in case your memory is like mine - we need a little reminder

  2. How lucky to have seen him in concert. I wasn't a big fan when I was young, but I remember my cousins telling me what a great show he put on.

  3. Probably In the Ghetto. It's a sad story that still resonates today.


  4. Happy Birthday Elvis! I am a big fan.. I have been to Graceland and 'cried' at his gravesite. Well, not cried but truly enjoyed the whole tour and the tacky decorations and every other wonderful part. (Though the best part was sharing the experience with my mom and aunt.) I grew up in an 'Elvis' house and my parents saw him live in the 50's when he came to Toronto. They still talk about that concert!

    Thanks Elvis for the music, and the memories.

  5. Tracy -- Graceland is one place I've never been but really want to see. I imagine it's packed there today and all. Someday I'll get down that way, I hope.

    MOODY BLUE is such a cool song and totally "me". It's no accident my blog is blue. I seem to like blue things. LMHO!

  6. I like both Elvis and the Beatles. Love Me Tender was my hubby and my first dance at our wedding. Suspicious Minds is my favorite Elvis song!
    I have been submitting an ABC book called Rockabet and B is for the Beatles, and E is for Elvis! They are both icons!

  7. Happy Birthday Elvis, thanks for the video Rena.


  8. Today is my son's 11th birthday and we were wondering what birthday it would have been for Elvis. My guess was pretty close! Thanks for posting this info, Rena.

  9. I was never a big Elvis fan (sacrilegious!)Now Roy Orbison...I wish I could have seen him live!

  10. There are many great singers in the world, but not many of them can sing well.

    Oh, you are so right! My HS and college choir directors would turn over in their graves to hear some of the pronunciations and other vocal habits. And today's young singers are learning from the stars' sloppy singing.

    Not much of an Elvis fan, but I think my favorite would be In the Ghetto.

  11. Although I like Elvis and the Beatles, I'm more of a Rolling Stones girl. However, if I had to choose, I'd pick Elvis for sure.
    I love Elvis' version of fever, so sexy!

    Totally changing the subject... Rena, new Tim Burton stuff!

  12. I love Elvis! I'm planning another trip to Graceland as we speak.

    My favorite Elvis song changes according to my mood. I listen to Elvis a lot. Currently, my favorite is "Kentucky Rain".


  13. Thanks for ALL of your comments!

    Julie -- I'm glad to see you around here and have a great trip to Graceland. I really want to get there someday. I too, love "Kentucky Rain" and especially "Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain". That last one is probably in my top 10 faves.

    Kai -- Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Happy birthday to your son! It's always been easy for me to remember Elvis' birthday because he was born Jan 8th and I was born Feb 8th. Another person I like a lot was born May 8th. I think there has to be something up with that! ;)

  14. Renata -- Thanks for the Tim Burton info! I'm watching it now and I CANNOT WAIT! I love his work! I can tell this is going to have an AWESOME soundtrack too.

    Is it 09-09-09 yet???