Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy Mew Year!

Seriously, I saw it online -- today is Happy Mew Year for Cats Day! Uh huh. You're probably starting to think I make these up, but I don't. SEE! As they say, cats are people too and need a special day of their own. If it means I can mess with my cat's picture and make her look silly, it's a good enough reason for me. I've always loved cats. Cats and I go back a long time ...

I got my first cat when I was 5 years old. Her name was Missy. She was an ordinary striped tabby cat with short fur. She was good at math. Missy multiplied to 4 cats, and those multiplied into 8 cats, and those multiplied into 12 cats. We had a lot of cats. Missy's first litter was funny. The first born was Fatface. He had this round little face and a short stub of a tail. He was my brother's favorite. Then there was Quail, which my sister pronounced with a rolling sound in her throat. Quail had a little longer tail than Fatface, but it was only half the length of a normal tail. The last was Princess, who I obviously named, being the baby of the family. Princess looked a look like Belle here, minus the moustache and top hat. Princess had a normal length tail. That was a strange litter. Oh, there were many others too. Elvis, the little grey kitten who loved to sing. Squeeze Parkay, Elvis' brother, who was kind of sickly and would leave a yellow mess on you if you held him too tight. Mosh, Nica, Abby -- the list goes on and on and on. My favorite was CJ, of course, which you've all heard about before. He was one of those once-in-a-lifetime cats. He was absolutely the best cat!

Now we just have Belle, who is sitting here with her furry rump on my keyboard as I type this, and our other cat, Kitty. Kitty was born outside near our house in California and she was as wild as can be. My girls started feeding her and she eventually became a member of our family. Maybe I'll blog about her sometime. She's cute, but kind of skittish. So anyway, if you're a cat owner, give your kitty a little hug today and maybe an extra treat or two. After all, it is Happy Mew Year for Cats Day, you know.


  1. Happy Mew Year Belle and Kitty! I love cats too. We have Matthew,a ten year old tiger cat who we rescued from the shelter as a kitten.He has asthma,and has his own mask and nebulizer.He hasn't had an attack for a year,so he's doing well.Then there's Simon,who just turned one.He is a tiger with white neck and paws.He followed the dog and I home one day this summer,and has been here ever since.I have a plaque on my closet door that says"One can never have too many cats".I agree!

  2. That was me up there!

  3. Happy Mew Year.


    See, in that pic, I see Bella saying, "I'm gonna tear up your couch, and then I'm gonna pretend I have no idea why you're hollering at me at the top of your lungs. So there."

    Unless, of course, she's declawed. Then that makes absolutely no sense.


  4. Hi Leanne -- Wow, your cat has a nebulizer? That's wild, but I think it's cool you go to such extremes to take care of him. After working as a vet tech for awhile, I know that's not usually the case and many people wouldn't go to that level. Good for you!

    LOL Gale -- Rick & I have this joke where we say, "She hates you!" regarding Belle. We think she's bipolar because one minute she's all evil and the next she's mewing like a kitten. She's definitely not declawed and I have the hardest time cutting her claws. We got one of those PediPaws for Christmas, so I'm trying to get her used to that. She's not too fond of it.

  5. LOL that's cute! You've definitely had a lot of cats in your life, wow! I don't have any stories about cats, I have never really been a cat person. I have 4dogs, so I guess that makes me a dog person. LOL


  6. Happy Mew Year to you, and Bella, who doesn't look all that pleased. Someday I must blog about my first cat, a huge docile male named...Kitty Puss.

  7. I need to show this to my cat! She'll love it.

  8. Happy Mew Year to your kitties! When do the dogs get to celebrate? :0)

  9. Wow, Rena - you sure celebrate the funniest holidays at your place!

    I guess you could say I am a cat convert. I grew up in a house of cat-haters so not knowing any better, I too did not like them. Then I started dating my future husband who was a true cat lover. He taught me to love cats and I taught him to love hockey. (A fair trade all around!)

    So now I am the proud 'mommy' to 2 cats as well as my kids. (And my cats were here first so they are still I hoping I send the kids back!)

    Hmm... and some days I think about it! hee hee

  10. Oh wait...CJ can't be "the best" cat 'cause Sparks is "the best".


    We have had Sparks since 1994 and she is definitely a family member.

    Happy Mew Day to you and CJ too!

  11. Oh geez, did I call her Bella?

    See, I'm reading the Twilight series right now...if you know anything about the books, you'll know why I subconsciously called Belle Bella.

    Bipolar cat. Heh. Heheh. Heheheh.

    Anyway, good luck with the PediPaws. I do not envy the task ahead of you.


  12. LOL Gale -- Both you & Bish called her Bella, so maybe you're both reading the Twilight series. Belle doesn't mind, since we call her that sometimes. She has funny nicknames like Belly Bells, Bella Donna and lately, Gracie Anne. I started calling her Gracie saying, "Say goodnight, Gracie" and now it's stuck with everyone. She answers to anything, especially if you have a can of Pounce snacks in your hand.

    Kim -- I love the name Sparks for a cat. That's so cute!

    Tracy -- I'm LOL @ you saying you introduced hockey to Vince. He is from Canada, right? I guess maybe he was too busy cooking up all those goodies in the kitchen to be paying much attention to the game. Glad to hear you straightend him out! ;)

    Kelly -- Oh, I'm sure there are oodles of holidays for dogs, so I'll definitely be on the lookout for those. We had dogs when I was growing up too. I didn't live on a farm, but sometimes it sure smelled like it.

    Christina -- Now I'm curious about your cat. Is she a Korean cat or did you bring her over with you? My SIL lived in Saudia Arabia for awhile and ended up with a cat. They had to go through a long process to bring him to the USA, but he finally made it.

    Bish -- I'm looking forward to hearing more about Kitty Puss!

    Nancy -- I've seen your 4 furry babies and they sure are cute. I guess it's a good thing you don't have cats because they'd be too busy tormenting them and not you!

    Belle says, "YEAH!"

    Seriously, she doesn't say "meow" like normal cats. She says "yeah".

  13. I told George (our cat) is was new year for cats, he just looked at me... then asked for food

  14. Rena,

    How do you put the slide shows on your blog. Can you pm me at Verla's and give me some blogging pointers???