Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Letter Challenge!

I've been driving everyone nuts over on Facebook. There's an application called Pick Your Five where you list your favorite items. The lists vary, from favorite movies to the best cereals. I don't know why, but I have fun with this application. There's one circulating now called Random Things Starting with the First Letter of my Name. The first time I did it, I picked 5 different things starting with the letter R. However, lately I've been doing themes -- cars that start with the letter R, candy that starts with R, drinks that start with R, toys that start with R, cities that start with R, etc ...

I love themes. If I can theme it, I can do it. I make themes on my iPod for certain songs. I have playlists for songs that relate to themes like rain, California, cars, the word blue, cats, pirates, and so forth. I have themed playlists for certain eras like the 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s. I even have a themed playlist of surf music and instrumental songs. I use themes in school too and we often have specific weeks, such as Leaf Week, Apple Week, Fairy Tale Week, and so forth. I also love alphabet themes. A New Job for Dilly is an alphabet book, as are the other 2 Dilly books to come. As you can see, the application on Facebook is right up my alley.

So -- are you up for my challenge?

I challenge you to find at least 10 items in one room of your house, starting with the first letter of your name. It doesn't matter what they are, but they all have to come from the same room. You can post your picture on your blog or on Facebook. Or, if you don't have either of those, you can list them here in my comments. As you can see from this picture, I found 10 items in my bedroom starting with the letter R. They are as follows --
  1. Raggedy Ann
  2. Radio
  3. Red gum
  4. Rock
  5. Reading glasses
  6. Ring
  7. Radica game
  8. Ribbon
  9. Red Fire Bar
  10. R-shaped tie tack

AND -- to make the challenge even more fun, I'm going to turn it into a CONTEST! For everyone who finds 10 things starting with the first letter of their name (remember, from the same room!), I'll put those names into a hat and choose a winner for a prize. So, what are you waiting for? Get searching! Oh, and just so you know, I really did have a rock in my room. Neil found that in the yard and brought it to me because it looked like a pickle for Dilly. We might paint it green for Dilly. Now get searching!


  1. This is an exciting challenge Rena! I'm going to see if I can participate as the week is winding down!

  2. N is not a common first letter, not sure I can find ten things. Fun idea though.


  3. OOOhhh! I love themes, too!
    1. door
    2. dime
    3. dish
    4. drawer
    5. dressing (as in salad)
    6. double noodle (soup)
    7. dolphin (on a mug)
    8. Derek (person in picture)
    9. dozen (eggs)
    10. drain
    Can you guess which room I am in?

  4. Fun! OK. I'll give it a shot. Here we go:

    1) coffee cup
    2) curtains
    3) camera
    4) cap
    5) crafts
    6) covers
    7) candles
    8) computer
    9) carmex
    10) cat

  5. This is tough for the letter K!
    Key and knee, eight more to go! Gotta think...

  6. Okay, since I"m K, these are in my kitchen
    a kid
    kitchen towel
    knob on door
    Kisses (Hersheys)
    my knees

  7. Too fun Rena:

    Ok, the letter T in my office (since that is the room I am in.

    1. Table
    2. Tin can (coke of course)
    3. Tape
    4. Twinkie (don't ask - its my lunch!)
    5. TV
    6. Twilight books (all 4)
    7. Trivial Pursuit game
    8. Tone Loc cassette single (wow - I am too obscure!) lol
    9. tensor bandage
    10. tennis racket - yes, in the office - my hubby puts nothing away!

    Fun Rena!

  8. Hey Rena,

    You must be good at Scattergories!

    Here we go, 10 "T" things in my living room:

    1. trains
    2. table
    3. tools
    4. tissues
    5. trucks
    6. travel etch-a-sketch
    7. Toy Story figures
    8. tapes for video camera
    9. tracks (for the trains)
    10. thermostat


  9. I will try this too. It can be fun while I search for things that begin with the first letter of my name-a little hard, but fun too. So without further ado, here it goes:

    1. Coffee Mug
    2. Candles
    3. CD's
    6.Christmas Wrap
    8.Comb (for my hair)
    9. Clothes
    10. CVS Circular

  10. Am I too late? Here goes anyway...

    stove (I'm in the kitchen ;)

  11. S things in my bedroom.

    1. Soda
    2. sticks
    3. socks
    4. shoes
    5. sheets
    6. Star Wars Legos
    7. shirts
    8. shorts
    9. Spongebob Squarepants balloon
    10. Swing

  12. Things in my living room:
    1. Envelope on coffee table
    2. elbows (as in my own lol)
    3. Elephant (obviously a toy)
    4. erasers on coffee table
    5. egg (fake toy food)
    6. electrical outlet
    7. ewok (toy)
    8. exercise bike
    9. eleven year old boy (my kid-I know I'm grasping, Rena)
    10. Elf dvd on tv stand