Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Belle's Gotta Have Her Os!

Most cats go crazy for a bit of tuna or slice of chicken. And then there's my cat, Belle. She loves Cheerios. She goes nuts when you have a bowl of them. She'll get right in your face until you give her some. It's the weirdest thing. She only likes plain Cheerios and doesn't like them if they're soggy from milk. Give Belle some crunchy Cheerios and she's a happy cat! Belle and her love for Cheerios reminds me of a Madonna song. Which one, you ask?

Cause we are living in a Cheerio world
And I am a Cheerio girl
You know that we are living in a Cheerio world
And I am a Cheerio girl

She also likes rice cakes, but that's another story. Have you ever had a pet who ate something unusual?


  1. Our dog likes carrots. When I'm making a salad, she hangs around, drooling, until I give her one. You'd think it was liver!

  2. Kaya and Ananke both love veggies, but Ananke is a carb-a-holic... Just the other day she somehow got into the bread box, took out a brand new loaf of bread undid the twist tie, and ate the entire loaf while I was gone. The bag and twist tie were lying unharmed in the floor next to each other as if an adult had done it.

    She pooped a lot after that.. Yummm Fiber!

  3. I swear half the reason my dog loves his walk so much,is because he can sniff out garbage people throw out on their lawns or on the sidewalk. I often walk him after dark,so before I can stop him,his beagle nose has found a half eaten beef jerky,chicken bone (dangerous) or lollipop. He's a bonified chow hound!


  4. Since Koda doesn't know he's a dog, he eats just about anything...grin...

    When I'm cutting up watermelon or cantaloupe he under my feet constantly until I give him some...when we go to the bank, they give him a lollipop because they know he won't eat the doggy biscuit...he likes the grape ones...grin...

  5. I really try not to give my dogs table food so they don't beg, but they loved it when the kids were in high chairs!
    When I first got Puppers, we took her to puppy kindergarten and the trainer suggested to give Cheerios as training treats because they were small and good for you!
    My dog Goofy though will eat anything. All of garbages have to be locked away or she'll get into it!

  6. Our cats both love cheesies... and green olives. (But not at the same time!)

    And our one cat Toby who obviously has mental issues, loves ribbon. Any piece - no matter the size - that he finds, he eats. Then it kills him and he is sick and then he looks for more ribbon. He is a ribbon-aholic I guess.