Thursday, November 12, 2009

Damn, what a night.

Ever have one of those nights with one crazy dream after another? I had a dream about a man wearing a ridiculous looking dinosaur costume and then I woke up laughing. A bit later I dreamt about the same man wearing a Jack Skeleton outfit, who was passing out Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween treats. Then I woke myself up whimpering because I was dreaming about a baby in a carseat that I couldn't reach who was either sick or sad. But it wasn't really a baby. It was an egg. An egg in a carseat. With a sad face. Rick's alarm went off at 6am and instead of shutting it off right away, he let it go. He has a CD player alarm and gets woken up by the Red Hot Chili Peppers singing "Snow (Hey Oh)" every morning. I LOVE this song, and it always bums me out when he hits snooze and shuts it off. This morning, however, he must have been super tired and let the song play almost all the way through. So, I get up around 7am and get a cup of coffee and come back to bed. I drink the whole cup and fall asleep again. What do you think I dreamt of then? Chicken! Rick and I were at a KFC and he was being a total ass to the guy behind the counter. He was ragging on the worker about wanting a politically correct piece of chicken and telling him how and where to cut it. He was being a real jerk. Sad thing was that the guy behind the counter was totally taking him serious and trying to be as nice as he could. When it was my turn to order my meal, I asked if they had halibut, but he said no, so I got plain fish. Yeah, fish at KFC!

Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay ... so what does this mean?

Actually, there is a logical explanation for most of this, I think. We watched Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs last night with the boys. In the movie there were dinosaurs (the man in the costume), there were dino skeletons (Jack), there were baby eggs with faces (just like the one in the carseat), there was snow (Red Hot Chili Peppers), and there was a chicken that the big T-Rex tried to get her babies to eat (KFC). The politically correct comments are probably from me reading the news lately. But damn, what a weird group of dreams! Maybe it was those green olives stuffed with jalapenos that I ate while watching the movie. The movie is hilarious, by the way. If you get a chance to watch it, do so, because it's just as funny as the first two films. I was going to post a clip, but they've all been disabled on You Tube, so you have to go there to watch them. As with the other films, Scrat the squirrel is a highlight of the movie. Click here to see what I mean.


  1. Rena,
    You didn't by chance have cheese last night as well, did you? Every time I eat cheese before going to bed I have the craziest dreams, and anxiety, too.

    Hmmm...welp, that cannot always be true. As I did not have cheese last foods at all yesterday from being sick with my liver again....and I still had a horrible dream about my hair sticking wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy out on each side and no matter how many times I tried to use the straight iron, it kept flipping out! :D


  2. LOL Sophia -- I DID eat cheese while watching the movie. I had some cheddar cheese, wheat crackers, the green olives with jalapenos, and some pepperoni slices. Maybe that's what did it! LOL @ your hair dream. I'd take that one over what I usually dream about, which is having to use a public bathroom, which is usually right out in the middle of the public!

  3. I would be soo tired after having that busy of a night...grin...Hope you get a good nights sleep tonight...Hugs..

  4. Rena,

    The KFC thing is real...

    Here is Ohio you can find KFC and Long John Silver (seafood) together in one restaurant!!!

    Maybe you are dreaming of coming to my neck of the woods to do a book signing together.!

  5. LOL Nikki -- that makes sense to me! I can't wait for Lemur Troops. I'll try to blog about that tomorrow. :)

  6. Oh... I hate having weird dreams like that! Sleep well tonight.

  7. So funny. My boys watched the movie but I never did.

  8. Of course if you read one of those 'dream analysis' books you will not have an easy explanation. There will be some deep secret that you are hiding from Rick... like you have fallen for Dilly and are heading out to search for pickles or something equally dire. And you are going to confront him in a KFC over a bucket of crispy wings. lol

    Or not. Maybe I should have some green olives stuffed with jalapenos and see what happens!
    hee hee