Thursday, November 5, 2009

Busy as a ...

That pretty much sums up how November is going to be, not to mention December as well. Things are usually pretty busy for us this time of year, especially with school because the boys love doing all sorts of holiday related crafts. That goes non-stop from Halloween all through Christmas. However, it's going to be even more busy this month. Nathan will celebrate his 10th birthday on Saturday. We're having a small party at home for him. He's excited about his birthday, but sad his sisters aren't here. Then on November 21st we're going to a wedding. This will be the boys' first wedding, so they're excited about that. The next day, November 22nd is when Nichelle comes home. She's been gone since June, so we're all anxious to see her. I just got off IM with her and she's looking forward to coming home. A few days after that is Thanksgiving. Then we get into the whole Christmas mode. Nicole will be coming home sometime in December for the Holidays. So, in the middle of all this, I have about a gazillion things to do.

To top it off, my neck is killing me for some reason. Maybe I slept on it wrong the night before last. I know it wasn't last night because I didn't sleep at all. I had another horrifying dream about bears last night. I laid in bed awake for the longest time worrying if the downstairs door was pushed shut all the way. I knew it was locked, but sometimes it's not secure if you don't push it hard and hear it click. So, I sat awake worrying about it for the longest time. Then the neighbor's dog started barking at 3am, which usually means some large critter is outside walking around. That got me out of bed to check the door. Then I couldn't go back to sleep so I looked around Facebook for an hour. I went to bed at 4am and it took another hour for me to fall asleep. So, then what happens? Another bad bear dream! WTH? I woke up exhausted, to say the least. And now I'm getting a late start with school because I was talking to Nichelle online. But that's a good thing, so I'm not complaining about that. I guess I better get my cranky @#$ moving ...


  1. This time of year is fun but so hectic - I wish there was a way to enjoy it without the stress.
    Hope your neck feels better!

  2. Hope you dream of sweet teddy bears tonight instead!
    This time of year is crazy, it seems once school starts it flies until January. Then it drags til April!!

  3. I have started taking at least 10 minutes to myself every day...Most of the times this means I have to get in my car and lock the doors or there are days when my 10 minutes alone come in the form of a shower...grin...

    I just close my eyes and breathe deep...and try NOT to think about anything else...

    If that doesn't work...try chocolate...everything seems less hectic when you have a piece of chocolate in your mouth...grin...

    Hope you feel better! Hugs...

  4. I second Lilfix on the chocolate. I think I need a piece myself...

    Feel better!

  5. Glad you are going to get to see Nichelle before too long.
    Hope your neck feels better soon.

  6. Bears? Oh my! That is just the worst though - having a bad dream, getting up and then finally going back to sleep and going right back to the dream. I always wonder why I can't go back to my good dreams... only the scary ones!

    Sounds like a crazy couple of months for you - but crazy good! Enjoy them.