Thursday, November 19, 2009

Have they lost their marbles?

Do you know what an idiom is? An idiom is a phrase, word, or expression that has a figurative meaning. Like taking candy from a baby is an idiom, which refers to something being very easy to do. Face the music is an idiom that means to accept the consequences of your actions. A bad egg is someone who can't be trusted. One of my favorite idioms is -- lost your marbles. To lose your marbles basically means to go crazy, or mad.

I woke up this morning, got myself a cup of coffee, and then came back to bed. I have the same routine every morning -- turn my laptop on, check for earthquakes where Nichelle is, make sure there are no hurricanes are where Nicole is, read my email, check Facebook, and then read the news. Today the news is extra stupid -- people have lost their marbles.

They're trying to ban flat screen TVs in California, saying they use too much energy. Television is important to people and they're not stupid. They'll buy them in other states. I have this image of families sitting in dark rooms, with their curtains pulled tightly closed, watching their flat screen TVs in fear. If that's not stupid enough, in Pennsylvania there is a story about a lady getting complaints about hanging her clothes outside to dry. The neighbors don't want to look at her unmentionables. Here's a tip -- don't look. So, they don't want people using too much energy watching TV and they don't want people saving energy by not using their dryers. Huh? And, if that's not stupid enough, now the USPS is stopping their letters to Santa program. Apparently, one loon back east was a sex offender and they caught him before he could send letters to children. So because of one person, they're stopping the entire thing. I swear, the USPS is becoming an absolute joke. The people at our local, small town office are rude as hell. No wonder people go postal -- err, I mean, lose their marbles!

So, forget about your kids getting a letter from Santa, don't get caught watching TV in your basement, and don't even think about hanging your underwear out to dry! Common sense is being thrown out the window and everyone is going mad. Now, where did I leave my marbles ...


  1. Those contradictions drive me crazy, too.
    I think we should change out attitudes towards certain things. I saw one of those umbrella-style clothes lines near my house the other day, and I thought it was a great idea. Our association doesn't allow them, but it makes perfect sense to dry clothes outside.

  2. I am amazed at what some people can come up half the kids these days are wearing their pants too baggy and their underwear are showing, but nothing is being said about that...even though that is everywhere! And now this poor woman can't hang her clothes up because someone MIGHT actually look that way and see them...argh!! grin...

  3. It makes us ask the age old question, What in the world is happening to our society? Where's the common sense? Good article!

  4. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger...

    This too will pass...


    Everything comes in cycles...

  5. You haven’t lost your marbles Rena,
    Too funny, too scary, too wha??? We as a group of people have become too sensitive that someone’s underwear is on a clothesline have become offensive. I could name a handful of things that more important to worry about then that.

  6. ***I must preface that I wrote the below note before I pressed play on your video! Too funny that it is from the same movie**** Obviously a sign of great minds thinking alike! :)

    Remember the Peter Pan movie starring Robin Williams? The best scene in that whole movie is when he brings back the bag of marbles from Neverland and hands them to the old man at Wendy's house and says "See, you didn't lose your marbles afterall."

    OK, really has nothing to do with anything but hey - it is what I thought of when I read your title.

    hmm, I think I lost my marbles a long time ago.

  7. I remember seeing some *confusing* garments on people's clotheslines. I asked my mom, "What is that," only to be given what I now know is called redirection.