Saturday, November 21, 2009

Da da da dum ...

We're going to a wedding this afternoon. That should be fun. It will be the boy's first time at a wedding, so they're curious to see what it's about. I noticed Nathan had written "Kissy Kissy Day" on his calendar, which made me laugh. It's for one of Rick's co-workers and is also the same lady that let the girls ride horses on the ranch she was caring for awhile back. It's a shame the girls won't be here, especially with Nichelle missing it by one day. I haven't been to a lot of weddings myself, probably around seven. There were some I've been invited to, but couldn't attend because they were too far away. Of the seven I can think of, four of them are still married. The picture above is of my mom and dad coming out of their wedding. I think they had a pretty simple ceremony, but I love the gown my mom is wearing. I love the scalloped hemline. My dad couldn't look happier -- as always.

Rick and I got married on Valentine's Day in 1988, so we'll be celebrating our 22nd anniversary in a few more months. If you're married, did anything strange happen at your wedding? I've heard some crazy stories about people's weddings, like guests fighting or someone stealing the bride's bouquet. We were lucky and everything went pretty well. We didn't have any America's Funniest Home Video moments. One thing that went wrong was that my sister and I had a hard time tacking up my dress train right before we walked into the reception hall. That took forever, even though we had practiced it before. The only other thing was that we specifically told the DJ not to play "We've Only Just Begun" by the Carpenters. So, after struggling with my train and making our guests wait, Rick and I finally walk into the reception. The DJ introduces us, followed by blasting "We've Only Just Begun" -- idiot. Other than those two things, everything else went well.

How about you -- any bizarre or unique wedding incidents?


  1. That IS a gorgeous gown, Rena! Beautiful picture.

    At my wedding, I specifically asked NOT to have the throwing of the bouquet, so I was a little annoyed when the band announced it was *that* time, and asked all the single ladies line up. Argh! When my brother got married, he and my sister in law picked Kenny Rogers "Through the Years" as their song. When they got to the dance floor, the DJ accidentally played "The Gambler". Everyone thought it was funny...except my SIL.... eek what a scene!

    Hope you guys have a nice time today :)


  2. Somehow the place that we bought 100 balloons from delivered them to my parent's house instead of the church. There were a lot of people at their house that day, so someone excepted them. My sister and her husband ever so carefully drove all those balloons hanging onto some out the window of the car to the church in December messy mix of precip weather.
    My dad said to me on the 3 minute ride from their house to the church that I didn't have to go through with it if I didn't want to ~ he said he didn't care how much money he's lose. When I told one of my sisters, she said,"He did that to me going down the aisle, at least it was in the limo for you" LOL!
    Funny you have a dj story kind of like mine. We told him no country music. Well we think it was a future in-law on my hubby's side of the family requested Achy Breaky Heart and he played it. When he saw me climbing the steps to the stage he was on he said, "I won't play one again" before I said a word LOL~ Ah memories.

    You parents look lovely on their wedding day, Rena. What a pretty picture!

  3. I arrived at my wedding about 10 minutes late,and everyone was waiting for me.I'm wearing my gown and heels.The front door was locked,so my friends and I were running all around the church,pounding on all the doors. Finally,a janitor let us in. It must have looked hilarious to anyone who may have seen us! Also,the minister was just as nervous as we were,and let us do the kiss before we had both even said our vows. So,we got to kiss twice!


  4. We got married in February too, the hottest time of year here. But the day we got married - it rained. It was a bit like being in a hot shower.

  5. We got married Aug 9, 1997. It is on record as the hottest day ever recorded. lol The weather was very unsettled as well which was perfect since we got married outside at a golf course.

    Two parts of the ceremony stand out clear in my mind. The first was during the opening prayer when I looked up to notice my hubby and his 4 attendants all looking over their shoulders - at the guy teeing off on the first tee! lol

    The second was when a big roll of thunder sounded... just as the minister said "Is there anyone who can show just cause why these two should not get married!" hee hee

    Well, we did it anyway! We signed the papers and then the rain came down - buckets, torrents ... alot! It lasted about 20 minutes and then stopped long enough for us to go back outside for pictures!

    What a day!

  6. I may be the only one left who was at both your Mother's and your wedding (except your mom of course..) you knew your grandmother made that lovely scalloped-hem wedding dress and then she made my bridesmaid dress as well - don't remember much about the first ceremony except how much your dad laughed. Somewhere I have a pic of your mom, Ruth and me that was taken at your wedding -now that seems like yesterday! Anne

  7. Anne -- Thanks for commenting. There's so much I don't know and/or simply don't remember. My mom NEVER talked about my dad at all when I was growing up. His family in IL was never mentioned to me either. I'd LOVE to see any other pictures you might have!