Saturday, September 19, 2009

Avast ye, bilgerats ...

A year ago on Talk Like A Pirate Day, I did a Pirates A to Z blog. Click here if you want to read it again. I love pirates. I don't love them in a sense that I think they're cool, because they're not. Pirates of the 17th and 18th centuries were ruthless, brutal people. Somehow Hollywood has managed to glamorize them. Modern pirates are the same, basically terrorists with high-tech weapons and gear. Regardless, there's still something about pirates that interests and fascinates me -- pirates of the 17th & 18th centuries, that is.

Pirates of the Caribbean has always been my favorite ride at Disneyland. It opened in 1967 when I was two years old. I'm not sure how soon I went on the ride, but I know I went on it as a toddler. I have a faint memory of seeing the first skull and crossbones right before the waterfall, and I screamed bloody murder. So, when Disney decided to do the films, I was skeptical. In fact, I was so skeptical that I didn't watch them when they first came out. I'm not usually fond of remakes, so I thought there was no way they could do the ride justice. Thank heavens I was wrong and that I finally gave the movies a watch. I love the movies now and am excited about the 4th one.

However, stories that interest me the most are the realistic ones. When I buy books on pirates, they're most often non-fiction. I like fiction, but I'm more into the facts. Obviously, the POTC films are not factual, but I still enjoy them. I read a book recently about Captain Kidd, which was really interesting. One of my favorite books is a dictionary that lists pirate terms and their meaning. And I've gotten some great documentaries on DVD that talk about pirate history. Those are definitely not for the kiddos. I also have a huge playlist on my iPod of pirate songs. If you want a fun pirate band for your kids, check out Captain Bogg & Salty. They're a fun band and the members have also done some pirate music geared for adults. Each year my family watches A Garfield Halloween and since today is Talk Like A Pirate Day, I thought this clip was appropriate ...


  1. I find pirates pretty interesting too.The fact you shared with us on the WMB still sticks with me. You know the one about them not wearing any underwear? Very


  2. arrrrr . . . happy talk like a pirate day, me heartie! ;0)

  3. Yo ho! My daughter and I watched POTC tonight!

  4. In Portland we have the Pirate festival this weekend. :)

  5. Hi Kim! Yes, I saw that on Captain Bogg & Salty's Facebook page yesterday. I guess they were there singing for the kids. They're from Portland. I'd LOVE to see them sometime!