Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Animal Paintings

I don't mean paintings of beautiful animals -- I mean paintings painted by beautiful animals. Would you buy one? Earlier this month there was an article in the news about paintings by animals being auctioned to earn money for zoo conservation efforts. Click here to read the article on Yahoo. Apparently, a painting by a lion named Cha Cha went for $550 and Pinto the pig's painting sold for $250.

So, I ask you again -- would you bid on one of these pictures? If I had some extra cash to spend and it was within reason, I might. It would have to be on an animal I really liked though. I buy pictures of tigers and other big cats, so I think it would be cool to have a painting done by one. My bedroom has a tiger theme with tigers I've collected for years. A painting by a real tiger would be cool to have. A snow leopard named Hannah did the painting pictured here. Of course, there are more important things I could spend with that money, but I'm talking hypothetically.

I wonder if anyone would buy a painting by my cat? Here kitty, kitty ...


  1. I agree it would depend on the animal and the picture. Our zoo - the Toronto Zoo - has been selling pictures painted by Charles (the resident celebrity gorilla of the zoo.) They also include photos of Charles painting to "maintain the authenticity!" hee hee

    If it raises money for a good cause - then I say go for it!

    I am reading and enjoying your blog each day Rena!

  2. If I had the money to burn, I definately would! I don't even think I'd care what animal did it. I may choose by the colors based on what room it would go in.

    What a fun idea!


  3. Oh cool -- good to see I'm not the only one who thinks this is a fun idea.

  4. If I had the extra money, I would buy something painted by an elephant...it would be interesting to see what else can be done with a nose (trunk)...grin...I do like the picture Hannah painted...

    I'm pretty sure Koda can't paint...he's savin his talent for dancing with the pups...grin...

  5. I think if you have the place and money for something like this, it would be great to have one. I probably would!


  6. Interesting!
    I probably would not buy one unless it was for charity...but I would frame one that my dog did!
    Actually, I bet there was a lot of interest for those paintings. They are certainly unique and a conversation starter!

  7. I think a lot of the paintings look cool, but I don't think I'd buy one. Probably not. Maybe. Doubtful. It would have to be a really cool painting, and either inexpensive, or an investment or a donation to a worthy cause.

  8. I think zoo and animal conservation is a worthy cause. Sadly, I don't have extra money to give for this as I'd like. But if I did and I knew it went to a good cause, I would love to get a painting done by a big cat. :)