Monday, September 22, 2008

How many licks?

Ever since 1970, we've all been wondering the same thing -- how many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop? Tootsie Pops were invented in 1931. Chocolate was the original flavor. Other flavors to come along were cherry, orange, grape and raspberry, along with newer flavors like blue raspberry, watermelon, strawberry and pomegranate. In 2003, twenty million Tootsie Pops were produced everyday. If you would like to vote for your favorite flavor and suggest a brand new flavor, click here. I found some Tootsie Pop Drops recently. I didn't even know they still made those things. They're Tootsie Pops without the stick.

So I ask again -- how many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop? Will the world ever know? Or will Mr. Owl snork down another one in 3 licks? How does $50,000 sound to find out? Click here if you'd like to enter the How Many Licks Sweepstakes by Tootsie Roll. $50,000 sounds like an awful sweet treat to me! And for nostalgia sake, if you'd like to relive some of the old commercials, click here. Sweet!


  1. I love Tootsie Pops! I always get them for trick-or-treaters, and make sure we have lots of leftovers, too.

  2. Oooh, I love Tootsi-Pops; the pomegranite is yummo! I didn't know they made watermelon, blue raspberry and strawberry; where have I been? LOL As much as I love the pomegranite, I think cherry is still my favorite. I'll have to think a while on a new flavor. Thanks Rena, this was fun!


  3. I have always bit mine, so I'll never know. This sounds so fun!

  4. My oldest tried to see, he did get over 100 licks in...but alas you gotta bite it at some point!

  5. I always thought 3 licks was how many licks it took, because Mr Owl always bit into it after 3 licks and so do I...I love Tootsie is my favorite! Which is funny because I do NOT like the Tootsie Rolls alone...

    The commercials are just as cute as I remember...

  6. Well dang -- now I'm going to have to buy a bag and see how many licks it takes so I can win the $50,000! ;)

    I love those little bitty ones too!

  7. How cool to watch all those old commercials! Thanks Rena :D

    Ick @ the Tootsie Rolls. I hate how they stick in my teeth ;)


  8. "ah-One...ah-Two-whoooo...ah-Thrrrree..."

    I loved that commercial! If I recall correctly, they would only play that commercial on Saturday mornings, aka Kiddie Primetime.

    As a kid watching that commercial and hearing that *CRUNCH*, I remember always getting a sensory memory of that stuff being hard & sticking to my teeth, followed by a wave of goosebumps because the stuff is so dang sweet.

    Thanks for the jog down memory lane, Rena. :)