Tuesday, September 9, 2008

First Days of School

This 3rd grade picture is proof my mom hated me. Red plaid, fluffy yellow ribbons, crooked bangs -- wth? Nah, I'm just kidding. My mom loved red plaid and I'm sure she picked this dress out because she loved me too. In all fairness, I liked plaid at that time. I even had a red plaid tin lunchbox with matching Thermos. Plaid was big in the 1970s, along with paisley and avocado green kitchen appliances. I haven't worn plaid in years, not since my stint at Catholic school. I'd probably give people the wrong impressions if I put on a little plaid jumper and knee-socks now, especially my husband. One thing I did hate were school pictures. Those were the worst. They always took them in the morning when my eyes weren't really awake. In almost all my school pictures I have those sleepy, puffy, morning eyes. My kids haven't been in the school system for 10 years, so I don't know how they take them now. Are they digital? Do they give you second chances if you mess up? When I was a kid, you got one chance. If you made a stupid face and closed your eyes, that was it and you had to look at it forever.

We homeschool and this is our 11th year now. We will be starting up school tomorrow, which is late for us. I had originally hoped to start on Monday, but my Jeep had to be worked on and it's a 40-minute drive each way. Then today my seventeen-year-old daughter starts a creative writing class at a Christian school, which is another 40-minute drive. Starting school for the boys today just wouldn't work, so we're going to the library while Nicole is at her writing class. It's not school, but hey, it's the library and that counts for something. Tomorrow is our first real day. And am I ready? Of course not. That's what I get to do tonight. Panic and stay up until 1am trying to make everything perfect. I'll get it all done. I always do. And as I do every year, I'll take pictures of my kids on their first day of school -- first thing in the morning, with their sleepy, puffy, morning eyes.


  1. Cute picture! I had a red plaid dress almost exactly like that, with a little gold kilt pin at the collar.

    I admire anyone with patience for home schooling. Just getting them up and out the door on time is challenging enough.

  2. How cute, Rena! I remember wearing ribbons like that in my hair. You do get second chances at school pictures these days. Good luck with the new school year!

  3. Cute picture, Rena! I hated school pictures too. I have a few with my eyes closed - I'd anticipate the flash and psych myself out. I still hate having my picture taken.

    I agree with Adrienne....it must take a ton of patience to homeschool. I don't know how you do it!


  4. Too cute, Rena. Lovin' the yarn!

    I do not have the patience to teach my children academics. It would drive me absolutely bonkers. Kudos to you for doing what you do.

    And, plaid is the new hotness. ;)


  5. Love the pic Rena!

    I also had a few school pictures taken in red plaid...mine had a little white collar and mom made me wear white tights...I was a tomboy growing up, so I hated school pics...mom always made us wear dresses...just like now, I couldn't make it through the day without getting a run/hole in my tights/panty hose...grin...

  6. Thanks everyone!

    LOL @ the tights, Brenda. I'm sure I had white ones with little black shiny shoes too. No matter how hard I try to repress this stuff, the photos always bring it back. LOL!

  7. Your Mom knew what was hot - and what would be hot years later - plaid is the new pearls and black dress

    So I have one question, did your hair darken over the years? I was very blond as a kid and my hair darkened - just curious. And I think it's an adorable picture.

  8. Hi Kim! No, my hair didn't darken on it's own. It's actually gotten lighter -- lots of grey! I keep it dark brown for the most part, but every once and awhile I switch to my natural color for a bit. I have a lot of red in my hair. I don't think it's quite as light as it was in this picture though. I wish it were and wish I didn't have to deal with it.

    I was trying to think if I had ANYTHING in plaid right now, but my mind is coming up with nothing. Now I'm curious and want to go through all my old family pictures and see if I can find more plaid things. I remember wearing a lot of it, plus lots of red and bright yellow. I used to have a fake yellow down-type coat that was bright as the sun. You couldn't miss me if you tried! LOL!

  9. Rena, have a great school day with your kids. You have my admiration for doing this. I think homeschool moms are amazing!
    Oh - and I loved the piccy!