Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Kat Kong & Dogzilla

Kat Kong -- the story of Doctor Varmint and Rosie Rodent who stumble upon a giant island kitty cat. My favorite part is when Rosie Rodent says, "No, it would be wrong to take this creature away from its natural habitat just to satisfy our scientific curiosity." To which Doctor Varmint replies, "Forget science, think of the money we could make!" Absolute classic reading right here, folks!

Dogzilla -- when Dogzilla invades Mousopolis and threatens to chew it to pieces, the rodent inhabitants must come up with a plan to rid the city of this creature. Can they do it -- and how? Without warning, Dogzilla unleashes his monstrous mutt breath onto the unsuspecting mice. "Doggy breath!" screamed the soldiers. "Run for your lives!"

My boys love these books. Nathan reads them with such emotion and drama. We didn't realize how many of Dav Pilkey's books we had up until recently. We have the classic Dumb Bunnies books, When Cats Dream, a few of the Dragon books, and of course everyone's favorite, Captain Underpants. If you want to check out more of Dav Pilkey's work, click here. Definitely fun stuff!


  1. Those look like fun books. Years ago I made a poster that looked just like the Dogzilla cover, using one of my puppy's pictures.

  2. They are fun books. They came out awhile ago. I think the copies we have were bought when my girls were still in private school, so ours must be 11 years old or more. But they're still fun to read and maybe they can be found in the library. If not, you can get them online. :)

  3. My son LOVES these books. Even did a book report on it. Thanks goodness for Dav Pilkey.
    If you haven't read The HALLO-WEINER, run out and buy it now for a Oct 31st surprise for your son. You'll crack up out-loud!

  4. Oh thanks, Jill! I'll definitely have to pick that up for the boys. I can only imagine ... LOL! Thanks!

  5. We have the dumb bunnies and Capt. Underpants, but have not read those yet. Thanks for the review! I love silliness, therefore love Dav Pilkey!