Sunday, September 14, 2008

For the love of Jack ...

I'm a big fan of Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas. I love the movie and the soundtrack. It's a fun movie that lasts from Halloween all the way through Christmas. Disneyland is fun this time of year because they transform the entire Haunted House into NBC. I have lots of stuff with Jack Skellington. If Jack is on it -- I probably have it. I have t-shirts, belt buckles, sweatshirts, purses, wallets, backpacks, earrings, necklaces and coffee mugs, even my iPod holder has Jack on it. Despite my hair looking jet black in this picture, it's really dark brown. I am not into the goth-look at all. But it's funny for me because I often get stopped by teens into that sort of thing, who tell me they like my bag or my sweatshirt or something because it has Jack on it. For me, the attraction is more than the story or the music. There's something about Jack I love. Maybe it's his desire to be part of something new, something bigger. He's an awesome character. On that note, I'm just as big of a fan of Tim Burton's Corpse Bride movie and soundtrack. And just like the goth-scene, I'm not into all the new vampire movies or books. The only vampire movie I like is the 1931 version of Dracula with Bela Lugosi. That's about as scary as I will go. For the others, it's all about the cartoons. I love cartoons. Since I'm such a fan of NBC and Corpse Bride, I'm also looking forward to the new film, Igor that's coming out this week. It's not a Tim Burton movie (though I wish it were), but it still looks great. I just watched the trailer and it looks like something I'd like. When I was little, I saw scary movies that I was no way old enough to watch. It's funny that how now, as adult, I'm more drawn to the ones for children.


  1. Hi Rena - Julia from Verla's again ;^)

    I love Jack, too! He reminds me so much of Fred Astaire - who even for all of his suave & debonaire-ness - had a whimsical streak that made him utterly irresistable!

    Thanks for the post! :^)

  2. I lurve NBC. Tim Burton's stuff is great. He's had some stinkers, sure, but I perk up when I hear or read he's got a new project coming out. And I, too, love it when Disneyland decks out the Haunted House in NBC. It brings a special element to it.

    Burton released a very small book called "Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy and Other Stories". Kind of morbid for a book that is seemingly for children! I received it a few years ago one Christmas and it's kinda cute, actually. You can find it on Amazon.


  3. Hi Julie -- You know, I never thought about Jack and Astaire, but now that you mentioned it, I totally see what you're saying. There's always been something very appealling about him. Thanks for stopping by! :)

    Hi Gale -- I'll definitely look for that book you mentioned. I like Tim Burton, though I haven't seen everything he's done. I was surprised how much I liked Sweeney Todd too. I'm excited to hear he might be doing an Alice In Wonderland movie sometime. Oh, and I was reading about Igor and people were complaining that it looked like a "Burton rip-off" and such. Someone posted that the person who was the art director for NBC was the one doing Igor, so I guess that's not a rip-off at all. I don't know if it will be any good, but since I like those darker animated films, I'm looking forward to seeing it. :)