Saturday, September 27, 2008

Greedy for Tweety

OMG -- My friend Nancy found it -- Thank you so much Nancy!

Click here to watch Greedy For Tweety!

I spent a long time last night online doing something silly -- looking for the name of a cartoon! I even had a friend and my husband helping. It's my all-time favourite Looney Tunes cartoon and it hasn't been released on any of the DVD sets yet. Each time one comes out, I buy it in hopes of getting this particular cartoon. No such luck yet. The picture above is tiny and not good quality, but it's the only one I could find. The name of the cartoon is "Greedy for Tweety". It came out in 1957. That title doesn't really go with the cartoon, which is probably why I had such a hard time finding it. Do you know this cartoon?

It starts off with Sylvester, Tweety and Hector the bulldog all chasing each other in the street. You hear horns honking and brakes screeching. Next thing you know, Granny has all 3 of them in the hospital with broken legs. While she's out of the room, they continue at each other. Sylvester tries to get Tweety and the dog tries to protect him. At one point, Sylvester eats Tweety and Granny rushes him to x-ray. Then she rushes him to surgery and he comes back to the room with stitches in his tummy. Tweety sits on his bed with a scowl saying, "Bad puddy tat!" The best part of the cartoon is when the dog is pounding on Sylvester and Granny hears him yelling. She runs in thinking he's in terrible pain, so she drugs him up. Sylvester tries to stay awake, but his eyes keep closing. You get Sylvester's view here and the dog comes closer and closer. Granny eventually gets their x-rays done, which show their legs weren't really broken in the first place. She releases them and they go back into the street chasing each other. It starts all over.

This is such a funny cartoon. Everytime Warner Brothers releases a new Looney Tunes DVD set, I rush out to buy it in hopes of this one being on it. Out of the 10 sets they have, it still hasn't been released. After searching, I found it's on an old VHS called "Tweety Tweet & Lovely", which is still available. I have no idea when and if Warner Brothers will put this cartoon on a DVD set. I will continue to buy them all, in hopes they do, just for that one 6-minute cartoon. I guess I'll never grow out of this stuff.


  1. I love Tweety! He and Woodstock (from Peanuts) have always been my favorite birds...

  2. LOL! I remember that one! Good luck getting it on DVD! :0)


  3. Thanks Christy -- I hope they put it on a set sometime. It's so darn funny!

    Brenda -- My mom really loves Woodstock too. She used to just laugh and laugh when she watched him.

    I'm such a Looney Tunes nut. I don't think there is a character I don't like. :)

  4. I remember this one. It's one of the few I like with Tweety (probably because Sylvester gets to eat him).

    I'm more of a Marvin the Martian fan. I totally get where you are coming from. When they first started putting out VHS tapes with the cartoons on them, non of them had Marvin. Then there were a couple that had a lot of other cartoons, and one Marvin. It was a long time before they started to actually put out Marvin cartoons.

    Happy to hear you found it on a VHs at least. I hope they put out a DVD with it on soon!

  5. Aww, you're welcome, it was fun looking for it and watching some of the others along the way!