Friday, September 5, 2008

Goodbye Summer ...

When I was a kid, summer felt like it lasted forever. I remember summers filled with things to do and others where I did nothing at all. As I've gotten older, time feels like it goes by quicker. It's not just summer either. An entire year can zoom by before I realize it's gone. Here were are 5 days into September. We're just starting to see some color change. Pretty soon the western larch trees will change and I'll be sweeping up little yellow pine needles. And after that -- snow. I'm not complaining. I love the seasons and love how quickly they change. This summer is coming to an end, but I'm not ready to let go just yet. The picture of Neil above was taken less than 2 weeks ago at Hungry Horse. We went kayaking, swimming, hiking, and we even picked huckleberries.

What did I accomplish this summer? Not enough. I'm always hard on myself. It's easy to think of things I didn't do. I haven't finished the school yearbook for last year. I have a good excuse because our computer died and I'm having to learn a new operating system and design program. I haven't finished Nathan's 3rd grade portfolio, though I did finish four others. I haven't gotten my classroom organized. I haven't gotten the schedule set up for school to start next week. I haven't done this, I haven't done that, I need to do this, I need to do that. It goes on and on -- kind of like laundry.

But seriously, what did I accomplish this summer? I got a book contract! My first picture book, A New Job for Dilly is coming out sometime around late spring 2009 by 4RV Publishing LLC. That's big news. I also wrote several other picture books and a middle grade novel. We had a wonderful visit with my ILs this summer when they drove up from California. We went to Yellowstone recently and we made many trips to Glacier NP. We went kayaking a lot, took some hikes, picked berries, sent our daughter off to Albania on a missionary trip and worried until she was safe and sound back home. So here I sit -- fall staring me right in the face. I only hope I'm able to accomplish all my summer chores by the time autumn drifts into winter.


  1. Nice blog - you are coming along. I feel with you list of things you did accomplish this summer I was such a slacker. But life got in the way and my writing got put on hold briefly. I am back working on State #2 in my series so that is a good thing. I would love to visit some of the area where you are as it looks like a wonderful place to be. One of these days, maybe I'll be able to tour all 50 states and tie them all in to my series - lol.

    Anyway, nice blog and congrats on your contract of the first children's book. You are on your way.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Elysabeth. I just checked out your blogger site, since I didn't know you had one. Looks good and love the idea of giving the puzzles out to the kids. You definitely need to come out west and tour Montana sometime for your books. It's a beautiful state! Thanks again for all your nice comments! :)

  3. I love that picture!

    The end of summer always sends me into a funk and the "what did I accomplish?" question is a huge part of it. But you get to say "I got a book contract!"

  4. Cute picture, Rena! I'm not sure we accomplished much this summer, but we did have fun....and that's what summer is all about, right?

    Congrats once again on the book contract :D


  5. Good picture! I dig those water droplets captured in mid-air!

  6. Thanks Jacqui, Jeannine & Susan. We're starting school late this year, probably on Wednesday because we have a lot going on the next few days. Hopefully, I can get into a routine and at least feel like I'm getting more accomplished. :)