Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Two great books!

A delightful picture book, Lion in the Living Room is written by Caelaach (pronounced Kelly) McKinna and colorfully illustrated by A.R. Stone. From the lions in the living room to the hippo in the sink, this charming rhyme will delight animal lovers of all ages. As more critters appear, the house becomes quite the zoo and children will want to hear this story over and over. The punk-rock cows are hilarious. You can purchase this adorable book by contacting 4RV Publishing LLC.

Not Afraid of Dogs is written by Susanna Pitzer and beautifully illustrated by Larry Day. Daniel is the bravest boy of all. He's not afraid of spiders. He's not afraid of thunderstorms. He's not afraid of dogs -- he just doesn't like them. Daniel has quite the challenge when his mom decides to watch his aunt's dog. This is a story about fear, courage and friendship. Daniel conquers them all. As a mom to two boys who are scared of dogs, this was a wonderful book for our family. Neil found it in the library and immediately related to Daniel. The illustrations are totally him. This is a wonderful picture book for children who are nervous around dogs.


  1. These books sound great. The lion book sounds really funny, and I love the picture of the boy climbing up the light pole on the cover of the dog book.

  2. Thanks Rena, I need a good book about dogs for my 5yo, shes not too keen on them, and I need to fix it before something bad happens. Hope we can get it over here.

  3. I've read "Not Afraid of Dogs"...a friend got it for me because I'm afraid of it also helps adults who are nervous around dogs...

    My fear is why I had to get a lap dog...I had to start small and work myself up...grin...

    btw...I've tagged you on my blog...

  4. Not only did you get tagged by me earlier today, I have now nominated you for the "I Love Your Blog" award...

    Check my blog to see the post...

  5. Looking good, Rena. Thanks for plugging Lion in the Living Room and 4RV Publishing.

  6. Hi Marcia -- I loved the cover too. It's so much my son, Neil. He could totally relate to the pictures in this book. It's almost like the illustrator used Neil as a guide.

    Hi Dee -- You should be able to find it on Amazon. That's probably where I'll look if I can't find it in our local bookstore. We just have a library copy now, but it's one I'd like to add to our collection.

    Brenda -- That's really cool you have the dog book. Good for you for facing your fears. And thanks so much for tagging me and nominating me for your "I Love Your Blog" award. I'll definitely post more when we're done with school. Just have some reading to do still and then we're finished for the day. Get this -- we're reading "How To Eat Fried Worms" in school. Yeah, ME! LOL!

    Vivian -- You're welcome. Anything I can do to help your wonderful authors/illustrators out. It's a cute book, especially those silly cows! ;)

  7. I'm definitely gonna look for the book about the lions. My day care kids will love it!