Monday, September 8, 2008

For the love of pickles!

I love pickles. Dill pickles, sweet pickles, bread & butter pickles, wholes, spears, chips, even pickle relish -- I love it all. I'd say Vlasic is my favorite brand, but I couldn't find a good picture, so I settled with Claussen. Pickles have been around forever. I believe pickles are even mentioned in the Bible. Julius Caesar, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Napoleon all liked pickles. Pretty big names for the pickle business. Here are some interesting facts about pickles --
  • Pickles are low-calorie and low in fat
  • Dill pickles only have 5 calories
  • Pickles are high in vitamin C
  • Pickles help you absorb iron better
  • Americans eat about 26 billion pickles per year
  • Pickles were on Columbus' three ships to prevent scurvy
  • Lays and Pringles both have dill pickle flavored potato chips
In late spring 2009, my first children's book will be out. It's called A New Job for Dilly. It's a story about a little rat who loves dill pickles, but doesn't like stealing them. He decides to look for a job so he can get his favorite snack easier. Dilly's love for pickles is what keeps him going. I've written two other stories about Dilly, both featuring pickles, but I'm not sure if they will materialize into books yet. If they do, I could have a trilogy of stories about a little pickle loving rat named Dilly.

So now I ask -- do you like pickles and if so, what are your favorite kinds?


  1. Dilly sounds great! Can't wait to read all about his adventures...

    I love most any kind of pickle you can think of...I crave dill pickles at times and I can eat a whole jar of them in one sitting...

    My MIL makes pickles from scratch and you can't beat 'em...yum! yum!

    Here's a site that lists all kinds of pickles...

    I haven't heard of some of them...and some sound very interesting...grin...

  2. Brenda -- thanks for the link! It has a lot listed. I've bookmarked it and it might come in handy for me in the future. Thanks so much! I'm really craving pickles now that I posted this. LOL!

  3. I do love pickles. When I was a kid I liked the bread and butter ones, but now I don't. I just love dills. Can't wait until your book comes out!

  4. Hi Elliah! That's funny how you liked the B&B ones when you were a kid, but not now. Usually it's the other way around and we acquire tastes for things as we get older. I've always loved pickles and with the book coming out, they're obviously the talk of the town at our house. LOL! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. The only pickles I'll eat are dill. When I was younger I would argue with my siblings over who would get the leftover juice once the pickles were gone. I think some of my sibs still drink the juice. None of us liked the sweet pickles though - we used to say they had worms in them! LOL

    Mom used to make watermelon pickles. Not sure but I think she used the white part of the rind. She would dye them red and green and serve them at Christmas. They were really sweet - I guess a candy pickle - and I loved them as a child. The thought of them now almost makes me sick. Guess my tastebuds have changed enough that I don't like that sweetness.


  6. LOL @ the sweet pickles and worms comment. I'll try not to think about that too hard. ;)

    That's cool about the watermelon pickles. I've never heard of those before. It's funny the stuff we ate as kids that we wouldn't eat today. I remember my mom used to make fudge with Velveeta cheese. I think we talked about that on the WMB awhile back. My family would probably flip out if I made stuff like that.

    I took a bunch of pictures of pickles yesterday. They posed for me quite nicely. LOL! My kids thought I was nuts.