Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Remember these?

Do you remember Space Fidgits? They were 3-inch disks that were filled with non-toxic fluid. When you touched them from the front or the back, the fluid inside would wiggle and squish around, making different shapes and colors. I used to play with these things for hours. Tell me, why were they so fascinating? I loved these silly things!

Does anyone remember Lemon Twists? You stuck the loop around one foot and swung the thing around while you jumped over the lemon with your other foot. I remember taking this to school and I was an immediate hit of the playground. Everyone loved it. I looked online and found that the other toy Skip-It didn't come out until the late 80s. I could have sworn those came out the same time as the Lemon Twist of the 70s.

We bought our kids a new game the other day for Playstation 2. That thing cost $50! Sure, it's fancy and high-tech, but it got me thinking about the toys I played with when I was a kid. Toys were so simple in the 70s, and even more simple in the 50s and 60s. Perhaps I'll post later about some other bizarre, long-forgotten-about toy you may or may not remember. Until next time -- don't forget to stop and play every once in awhile!


  1. Lemon Twist was before my time, but I do remember Skip It.

    A childhood neighbour of mine had gotten one for Christmas one year. We all tried it and decided it wasn't worth the hype, heh.


  2. LOL! Poor Gale. You missed out. It was much more fun jumping over a plastic lemon. ;) If I remember, it had something in the lemon that made a rattle sound.

    I think the info I read online about the original Skip-It coming out in the late 80s was wrong. I'm pretty sure kids had those at my school too. Only difference was that they didn't have the counter on them. Hmmm ...

  3. I SO remember those toys! I loved the swirly thing!
    I was so excited when my son told me they played chinese jump rope at recess. His teacher taught them how to use it. My friends and I would do that for HOURS!

  4. I don't remember the Space Fidgits, but I was a champ with lemon twist...but you will get sent to the principal's office if you put the hoop on your wrist and spin the lemon in the air...it might hit a boy up side the head who is making fun of you and the school might not like that and your mother might take your lemon twist away...but it was sooo worth it to see his black eye...grin...I mean...you could get into lots of trouble... ;)

  5. OMG Brenda! I nearly choked on that one. How funny!