Saturday, November 22, 2008

Gooble! Gooble!

Gooble! Gooble! -- my poor daughter. Every November I give her a hard time about this. She did this drawing many years ago, but not one Thanksgiving goes by where I don't razz her about it. My boys have started saying "gooble gooble" because of the fuss we've made. Nicole is a great sport and this year she drew a really cute cartoon turkey with the word "Gooble?" coming out it's beak. It's just one of our family's fun little inside holiday jokes. We have turkeys here -- they say gooble, gooble!

Did you ever make handprint turkeys in school? I loved making these when I was little. We homeschool and every year we make them. This year I found printable handprint turkeys from Family Fun Magazine online. I printed up a few pages for the boys and they traced their hand and colored them in. Then they glued colorful feathers onto the fingers. It was a fun new twist on an old favorite craft project.

I really think Thanksgiving gets overlooked. By the time Halloween is over, most people start focusing on Christmas. They only take a break in the middle to indulge and overeat with one big meal. I like to use the month of November not only to teach the kids the real meaning of Thanksgiving, but also to do fun crafts with them. We've already had Corn Week and Turkey Week. There are only 3 days next week, but I'm planning on doing something with Pilgrims. If you haven't done your Thanksgiving dinner shopping yet, I wish you luck. This is a busy weekend for that. And finally, I would like to leave you with one happy thought -- Gooble! Gooble!


  1. That is a cute picture! Gobble Gobble to you too!


  2. Gobble...Gobble...

    I agree about Thanksgiving getting overlooked...

    Around here Christmas stuff showed up in the stores before Halloween this year...argh...

  3. Okay...I was just over on the blueboards and I just saw where you were saying...Gooble! Gooble! and not Gobble...Gobble...

    This is why I rely on my critique groups to edit my stories...grin...I can't spell and obviously, I can't read either...grin...

    So...Gooble! Gooble! to you and your family...Hugs...

  4. So your turkey says gooble, I said Warshington for years.

    And, you don't want to know all the things my Dad said, mater, tater, I could go on for days.

    So I say gobble, you say gooble. Tom Turkey tastes the same either way ;-)

  5. Thanks Nancy!

    LOL Brenda -- yeah, that's the joke that she misspelled the word. But you know, she might be onto something. Turkeys do make a goobly sound too.

    LOL Kim -- your reply made me think of CARS when Mater says his name by saying, "Like tamater without the ta!" ;)

  6. Cute! I love when cute things kids say become traditions!
    My nine year old came home Friday with a beautiful turkey made from different beans and my daughter, a cute cone shaped turkey. Those are keepers for all future Thanksgivings!

  7. Kelly -- I bet those 2 projects are cute. I loved making stuff with dried beans. I've done that a few times with my kids too.