Monday, November 3, 2008

Peanut Butter Lovers!

November is Peanut Butter Lover's Month and today is Sandwich Day! Aren't you glad you have me to tell you these things? We're doing "Peanut Week" in school, so I need to get to the store to buy some unshelled peanuts. There's no way we can paint our family of peanuts without them. Everyone in my family likes peanut butter, except for Neil. He won't touch anything with peanut butter in it. Freak. I've always loved peanut butter. I grew up eating Jif, but buy mostly Skippy now. Recently I had to get some Peter Pan peanut butter. Isn't it odd how you start craving something as soon as it's recalled? I have fond memories of my grandmother making peanut butter cookies. I remember watching her dip a fork in water, then in sugar and then criss-crossing the peanut butter balls into cookies. I have a really good recipe for a peanut butter chocolate chip cake that everyone really likes. So, do you like peanut butter? If so, how do you like eating it? My favorite is crunchy peanut butter on a grainy whole grain bread with honey. And now, here it is Peanut Butter Lover's Month as well as Sandwich Day. I was sitting here getting this blog entry ready and craving peanut butter something awful. Rick just walks in with lunch for me. Is it a peanut butter & honey sandwich? Nope -- a chicken & rice burrito. Oh well. Maybe tomorrow will be Chicken & Rice Day! ;)


  1. Peanut butter & honey, eh? I'll have to try that.

    Right now, we have Laura Scudder's Smooth unsalted and salted in our pantry. I like this particular brand because it doesn't have sugar in it like the others. The sweet of the preserves is enough!

    I do like the crunchy variety as well.

    And, of course, when it's in the center of a chocolate cup. :D


  2. That peanut butter chocolate chip cake sounds delish!
    I like peanut butter. Reese's Peanut Butter cups are my fave candy. I prefer Jif (reduced fat) creamy peanut butter. Once when I was pregnant, I had a taste for peanut butter on toast and I was at my dad's. He made it for me, but it wasn't Jif, it didn't taste the same, and my eyes welled up with tears (a little hormonal?). :0)

  3. I love peanut butter. We have always used Peter Pan and still do. My mom's peanut butter cookies are the best.


  4. LOL! I saw your title and Knew that it must be some sort of Peanut Butter Something Day! :0)

    I LOVE peanut butter on crackers, sandwiches, with bananas and apples. I just plain love PB. Unfortunatley, I have a slow metabolism, so I can eat it only very sparingly or else I'll gain weight. Makes me sad. But maybe, since it's a special day, I"ll have a little. :0)


  5. Peanut butter is a basic food group in our household. Both kids ate it way before the doctor said it was allowed! (Like we could wait til they were 2 to feed them peanut butter - ha! Allergy smallergy. lol)

    I love my peanut butter smooth on rye bread - sometimes with honey and sometimes plain.

    My hubby is a chunky fanatic and the crunchier the better.

    Now my mom says (old wives tale coming here) that you must sprinkle sugar on top of peanut butter on toast so that it doesn't stick to the roof of your mouth! And it does work, it just adds a million calories as well!

    Now I am hungry so I will just have to pop to the kitchen. Never say I don't celebrate the important holidays!

  6. Gale -- I haven't had a natural-style PB in years! I love those, but no one else in the house likes them. The boys and I will be making homemade peanut butter this week for school, but I'm going to try to keep it to a small amount, since I know no one but me will eat it.

    Kelly -- Maybe sometime I can post the recipe to that cake. It's really good. Funny about you and the peanut butter toast while pregnant. When I was pregnant with my first, I craved Butterfingers constantly.

    Nancy -- I remember trying Peter Pan when it first came out. I hadn't had it in years. Then the big recall hit and I started craving it. LOL! Now of course, it's back in stores so I had to get a jar just to try it again.

    Christy -- I really love peanut butter on bananas. It can be smooth or chunky. To me, the perfect dessert is a banana, a little PB and some chocolate syrup drizzled on top. Who needs ice cream!

    Tracy -- You know, I've never tried PB on rye bread. I used to eat it on saltines though. LOL @ sprinkling the sugar on top.

    Trader Joe's has really good peanut butter cups, similar to Reeses. They have mini ones too! Sadly, we don't have TJs in Montana. I miss that store.

  7. I like putting peanut butter on a banana with a sliver of dark chocolate.


  8. Hope I'm not too late to add a comment.

    I LOVE peanut butter. I like CRUnCHY peanut butter and jelly and banana sandwiches. A real comfort food.

    Also for those of you who like tomato soup, try it with a nice big glob of peanut butter. Put it in the bottom of the bowl, pour the soup over it and hmm, hmm good! I like crunchy the best, but smooth PB works just as well.

  9. I firmly believe that peanut butter is the solution to most of the world's problems. Happy Peanut Butter Lovers month!

  10. slhastings -- Sounds perfect!

    Bish -- Never too late to comment! It's PB Lover's MONTH! ;) I've never heard of doing that with soup. How interesting. I did, however, try Brenda's hiccup solution recently. She said when you had the hiccups to eat a teaspoon of peanut butter. I didn't need the extra calories, but hey, it worked!

    Hi Lucky Girl -- Hey, you just might be onto something there! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! :)

  11. I love peanut butter!!! smooth not crunchy...on wheat bread with potato chips sprinkled over the PB...

    When I was very, very young, I had one of those toy horses you can ride and I use to feed it peanut butter...I even named it hated that name...grin...that poor toy had dried PB all over it's mouth...grin...

  12. Peanut butter & potato chips? You sound like Rick, Brenda. He loves stuff like that. He'll come walking by me eating a sandwich and it's crunchy sounding. Drives me bonkers! He especially likes Fritos on sandwiches. LOL!

    LMHO @ "pbut" -- sounds like a fun little horse, even with the PB all over his mouth.

  13. I love peanut butter and bananas squished together with a fork and then spread over toast - yum...

    And, about that recipe, are you thinking of sharing?...or is this a secret family recipe you're waiting to use on a recipe contest - I hear there's one over at EA's blog (hint)

  14. Thanks for the reminder! I'm out and I promised my son I'd get more. He'll be thrilled to know it's peanut butter month!

  15. I love peanut butter. I don't like peanuts at all, so I have always found that strange. Reeses used to be my favorite candy, but I haven't had it in a long time. I think my favorite peanut butter dessert would have to be peanut butter fudge. I made peanut butter cookies a couple of weeks ago and boy did my kids love them. I never knew about dipping the fork in water and then sugar. That sounds like a really yummy idea. 2 of my kids like peanut butter only sandwiches, 2 like both peanut butter and jelly, and one eats just jelly.