Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Veterans Day!

I'm sure you know Elvis Presley was a veteran, but did you know Bill Cosby, Tony Bennett, Montel Williams and Alan Alda are veterans too? I don't come from a military home, but my husband does. His dad was in the navy. He was in a submarine during the Korean War. His brother was in the army and served in Iraq. Rick had the day off work today and it felt good to see all the American flags lined up along the street in downtown Kalispell. Then on our way home we saw one house out in the distance with a large flag flying upside down. Flying a flag upside down is a recognized sign of distress. I highly doubt that was the case and I'm sure it was some idiot trying to make a political point. Some people just don't get it when it comes to their rights and freedoms as Americans. I will give them the benefit of the doubt, but it seemed like an odd day to do this.


  1. OMG, You've got be to kidding, that is just rude and uncalled for. I hope someone says something to him.

    I come from a large military family. Both of my Grandpas were in WWI in the Army, my mom's brothers were in WWII in the Navy, My dad was in Korea in the Army and my brother served 23 years in the Army and was in the Gulf War. I also live in a military town, F.E. Warren Air Force Base and the home of the Wyoming Air and Army National Guard. I am very very thankful for our Veterans, God Bless them.


  2. We have 'Remembrance Day' on 11/11. Lots of red poppies and everyone (well, some) keep a minute's silence at 11.00am.

  3. There has been at least one family member from either my mother or my father's side in every war the U. S. has been in starting the Revolution.


    It really irritates me to see people treat the flag in that manner. Even though I don't like it I must grit my teeth and remember, it is as much their right to fly it up-side down, to trample it or to burn it as it is mine to pay it homage.

  4. You know, I had never heard that flying a flag upside down is a distress signal. Hmm.

    I am so glad that we have Veteran's day and Rememberance day (in Canada.) I feel it is so important to recognize our past and present soldiers and I was happy to talk about it a bit with my son Ryan this year. He is not yet 4 but he noticed everyone wearing the 'beautiful flowers' In Canada we commemorate our veterans by wearing bright red poppies. It just felt good to know that I am passing the knowledge and feelings of respect and thankfulness onto my kids.

  5. Both of my grandfathers were also veterans. They would always love it when friends and family remembered them on this day with a call!