Monday, November 24, 2008

It's good to be king!

Have you ever tried King Leo soft peppermint sticks? Oh my gosh, these are so good! I remember buying them when I was little. I would find them at Kmart and they came in a little plastic bag. The other day I went into Staples to buy envelopes and I saw a big display of King Leo peppermint sticks in tins for $8.99 each. I bought 2 tins -- one for us and one for Rick to keep on his desk at work. If you like peppermint and you like candy canes and buttermints, you will love these. I know you can find them in places like Cost Plus World Market. I even saw a small box of them at TJ Maxx last night. Walmart sells little bags of soft peppermint sticks by the company called Bobs, who also is one of the biggest producers of candy canes. These are okay, but not anywhere close to King Leo's soft peppermint sticks. Also, if you like peppermint, Lindt Chocolates has a limited edition peppermint truffle that is pure heaven. I have a weakness for peppermint, obviously.


  1. I never heard of those...but it does sound yummy!

  2. I'd never heard of King Leo but I like to have peppermint sticks around for people to stir their coffee at the holidays. So I might try the tin full.

  3. Nancy -- LOL! That about sums it up for me during "peppermint season".

    Kelly -- If you like peppermint and soft buttermints, you will love these. Like I said, King Leo's are the best. Accept no imitations! LOL!

    Kim -- Oooh, these would be good to stir coffee, tea or cocoa with. I remember one year for school the girls did that experiment with a lemon and a candy cane. You stick the candy cane into the lemon and suck out the juice. It's really good!

  4. I've never heard of these, but I will start looking for them...they would make great little gifts to give to the bank tellers and the hairdresser, keep them on my desk at work...

    I'm trying to picture what minty lemon juice taste like...not sure I would be brave enough to try that combo...grin...

  5. Brenda -- These would make perfect gifts. Last time Rick took some to work with him (when he was in CA) everyone was walking around the office with peppermint sticks in their hands. They went fast!

    The peppermint lemonade is actually really good. Give it a try! All you do is break off the curve of a candy cane and stick the straight piece into a lemon. The lemon juice goes right up through the candy cane like a straw and sweetens it. It's a fun experiment for kids to do!