Saturday, November 1, 2008

NaNo & Seven

Today is the first day of National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo. The goal is to challenge yourself to write a 50,000-word novel in 30 days. I decided to participate in this at the very last minute. After signing up, I had an idea of what I wanted to write about. However, the story is near and dear to my heart, so I was afraid of butchering it to get quantity over quality. After a few sleepless nights, I finally had another story idea. I completed my outline and thought I was ready to go. I started to write last night at 11pm. I only got to 170-words and then I stopped. I stared at the computer screen in frustration. As much as I like this story idea, I don't think I'm ready to write it yet. I need more time to think it out. I shut down the computer and vowed to start fresh first thing in the morning. As I began writing this morning, I started getting really excited about my first original idea. I have my first 1713-words done for today. I don't think I will have any problem reaching the goal, but I guess only time will tell. The above picture of me sums up today pretty well -- nerdy writer too busy to get dressed. Here is it past noon and I'm still in my jammies. This picture was taken by my mom in the early 80s. I was always typing something. I learned how to type on an old Royal manual typewriter. I remember my mom getting an electric typewriter and thinking it was just the coolest thing in the world. However, what is it with me and plaid? I remember wearing that plaid nightshirt all the time. And I couldn't look more stupid goofing off with my mom's reading glasses. But the picture sums up today perfectly -- gotta write, gotta write, what's my word count now? Finally, the other day Kim Kash challenged me to SEVEN FACTS MEME. I am to post seven facts that people might not know about me and I challenge anyone to do the same on their blogs. My seven are --

1. My nickname in high school was Rena Who.

2. I've had tea with Roger Daltrey of The Who in his house, twice.

3. People on cell phones in public restrooms are my biggest pet peeve.

4. I collect & save the fortunes from fortune cookies I eat.

5. I hate shoes, but love boots, especially cowboy boots & UGGs.

6. I eat baked potatoes cold, like how you'd eat an apple.

7. I cut my own hair and haven't been to a salon in years.


  1. Good for you doing NaNo and having such a good start! You must be lefty, the return lever on your typewriter is on the left side.

    Interesting facts. I hate shoes too, but goes for boots too.

  2. Rena! You have had an awesome first day!!! Congrats!
    I eat potatoes raw occasionally too!

  3. Hi Bish -- No, I'm right-handed but write with a left-handed slant. Funny about the typewriter. I haven't used one in years, so I couldn't even tell you which side the return was on. I think that particular one was electric.

    Thanks Kelly -- Now only if the site wasn't so overloaded and the tickers were working. I've spent more time on the site than I did on the story.

  4. Seeing you at that typewriter brings back so many memories - especially of me in university. (I shake my head when I think of what great grades I might have gotten if I had a computer instead of a typewriter!) All my essays were written 'on the fly' with only one version because I sure as heck wasn't typing it twice! lol

    Now I mention to people that I did not have a computer when I was at school and they look at me like I am a relic! Which may not be far from the truth! hee hee

  5. Way to go Rena! I'm so glad you're going to give NaNo a try and more important, that you're excited about the story! What a great start!

    You go girl!


  6. Great first day, Rena! 1 down, 29 to go!!

  7. Tracy -- Gosh, I hear you. I did some of my high school work on typewriters, but I couldn't imagine how much better they might have been if I had used a computer. I did move up to a word processer machine eventually, which was still before computers. It's kind of sad that some kids don't even know what a typewriter is, more or less a record player, cassette player, a cassette! Dang, I guess we're just old. Anyone care to listen to my 8-tracks with me? ;)

    Christy -- Thanks so much for all of the encouragement! I'm finding that what's really hard for me is to not edit as I go. And when you have a goal of 50,000-words, things like contractions do not EXIST! ;) Good luck with your NaNo as well!

    Nora -- Thanks and I hope your writing goes good too. I'm just hoping I have enough story to last me the entire month. I think I do, but I guess the challenge is trying to do it and not know for sure. Good luck to you!

  8. Rena...great job with NaNo...keep up the good work!

  9. Welcome to the world of word count obsession.

    I keep my fortunes too -- how else can I remember what's going to happen?

  10. Thanks for playing Rena. You're such a good sport.

    And, talking in the toilet - hum . . . I never thought about that.

  11. LOL Jacqui -- It would be a fun way to do a story, using all those fortune cookies.

    Kim -- You've never been in a public restroom when someone walked in next to you and talked on their cell while using the toilet? Oh gosh, that drives me bonkers!