Wednesday, November 19, 2008

"Oh great"

Did you read or hear about this story yesterday? Apparently, the mission was unflawed until this happened. I would hate to be in this woman's shoes, or moon boots. This is something she'll never live down. Mistakes like this follow you forever. I don't imagine she can run to the nearest Home Depot and replace a tool bag like that. Then later on, they noticed a screw floating by but couldn't catch it. Where did that come from? Aren't screws those little thingies that hold other thingies together? Poor Chicken Little is going to have a field day now. And if that's not bad enough, there's this story. I guess they should be thankful they didn't bring snakes up there. I had to laugh when they said the spider wasn't running amuck aboard the space station. Yeahrightsure. I can just picture that orb spider floating around the cabin, waving his eight arms around and singing, "Amuck, amuck, amuck!" in his best Sarah Jessica Parker impersonation from the movie "Hocus Pocus". Lost tool bags, floating screws and spiders on the lam. What's next? Speaking of space stuff, do you remember Food Sticks? I remember when these came out in the 1970s. The article on their history says they came in different flavors, but I think I only ate the chocolate ones. I remember loving these things back then. The videos are pretty funny to watch if you click on the link. Back to the astronauts though, I do give them credit. I don't think I could do what they do. It freaks me out to go up in the Stratosphere Tower in Las Vegas and the only thing that gets me through it is knowing there are Wheel-of-Fortune slot machines for me to play if I survive the trip back down. I don't think I could do this space stuff -- could you?


  1. This reminds me of that Lost in Space movie, where the giant spider man takes over the planet. And also the
    ”Giant Spider Web in Texas”

    YUCK!!! Spiders running AMUCK!!!

    That is a horror story - at least to me.

  2. LOL Kim! Hey, speaking of which, did you ever see this?,23599,24540399-5009760,00.html

    OMG! :-O

  3. Spiders in Space!! It sounds like a future cartoon movie, but actually I think it is cool that they get to hang out in space!
    Is that something I could ever do? Nope! I'm a chicken!

  4. And *that's* why I'm not an astronaut! ;D

  5. Interesting spider webs!
    I remember food sticks (such an appealing name :p). My kids like astronaut ice cream - that freeze-dried stuff in a pouch.

  6. Oh man, that sucks, lol. There's nothing much you can do when something like that happens. I know I'd be extremely pissed at myself for doing something like that.

    As for the spider - even if it's escaped, it should be easy to find. Just keep a lookout for any rogue spider webs and they'll find the missing culprit.


  7. I saw that article, poor woman. That tool bag probably cost a million dollars. lol The floating screw, now that is a little worrysome. It seems the slightest thing wrond can cause those things to blow up. I pray that doesn't happen. As for the spider, do they float too or can their little sticky feet hold them to the sides? It's probably hiding in the new bathroom! heehee


  8. All this talk of floating screws and nobody has made a "somebody has a screw loose" joke?

    If they had read [i]Charlotte's Web[/i], they would know Charlotte allows herself to drop as part of weaving her webs and would totally flounder in a no gravity zone.

  9. Kelly -- It sure does sound like the making of a fun cartoon, or even kid's book.

    Sunshine -- LOL! Same here!

    Adrienne -- I've never tried the ice cream, but I think my husband has. He used to do some backpacking when he was younger.

    Gale -- No kidding. It wasn't like she could take off after it. Definitely one of those Homer Simpson "D'OH!" moments!

    Nancy -- LOL @ it being in the bathroom. That would be a fun surprise. Opening the toilet lid and having some spider float out towards you.

    Jacqui -- LOLOL! Someone definitely has some screws loose, especially if they're all floating around in space. :)

  10. Actually, she probably could have tried to go after it. In the article it said they were all tied to 85-ft. safety tethers while working. Not saying it would've been the smartest thing to do, mind you, but it could've been done!

    Unless she more or less flung it than just simply let it go. Then it truly was a lost cause.

    Then there's the bag's velocity vs. hers & the ISS's...bah, now I'm over-thinking it, lol.


  11. Hmmm, I think if it had been me, I might have said something a little stronger than 'Oh, great'.
    As for spiders, I think space would be the best place for the whole lot of them!

  12. Space debris is becoming a real problem. We are poluting space. Check out:

    I can't remember who it was, maybe Arthur C. Clarke, who said that eventually (and not in the too distant future) that the space around Earth would become so cluttered with space junk that we wouldn't be able to leave the planet!

  13. Gale -- I missed that part of the article. That would be scary though. I mean, where would it end? What if she grabbed the bag, but the tools fell out and she tried to grab them? ;)

    LOL Kim -- I've always heard Australia has some of the biggest spiders in the world, but that one was ridiculous.

    Kate -- No kidding on saying something other than "Oh great". I would have sounded like a sailor in space if it were me.

    Bish -- I'll have to check out that link. Interesting to think of how much stuff might be out there.

  14. Oh Great - the biggest understatement!

    I remember space food sticks - I think they were chocolate and caramel.

  15. Hi Dee -- I don't recall if I tried anything but chocolate Food Sticks, but I might have. I remember when TANG was pushed big as the official drink of the astronauts too.