Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Children's Auth/Ill Week

Did you know the first week in February is Children's Authors & Illustrators Week? Yep, apparently it is according to this site. The past few weeks I've added a bunch of new authors and illustrators to my Facebook page. I'm looking forward to getting to know them better and hearing more about their work. So, what can you do to celebrate this week?

  • Visit an independent bookstore, if you have one. They often feature more local artists than the larger booksellers.
  • See if you can discover a new author or illustrator this week.
  • Have your child write a letter to one of their favorite authors or illustrators. Most have contact info on their websites.
  • Let your child pick one of their favorite books and after they've read it (or you've read it to them) have them draw their own picture. It can be something that happened in the book or they can even continue the story with their own ideas.
  • Visit a local bookstore or library during storytime, or when a featured author or illustrator is sharing their book.
  • If you have room, set up a little library in your house for your kids. Include good lighting and a comfortable chair. You'll be surprised how kids will sit down and read if they have a specific place.
  • Do a craft to go along with your child's favorite book. Many can be found online if you search the book title with the words "craft projects" or "activities". My book, A New Job for Dilly features craft pages on my website.
  • And finally, read as a family. Even older children who can read will still enjoy having a story read to them. Turn off the TV for awhile and enjoy a book together as a family.


  1. Reading with family is so important (and it's fun for all involved!).
    Happy Children's Author Week, Rena!

  2. I did not know that at all. I DO know that I am planning on buying your book within the next few weeks for my niece's birthday! :D


  3. Good ideas, every one of them! I especially like the library in the home with a comfortable reading spot.

  4. yes, all good ideas and achievable!

  5. Here's to children's authors and illustrators everywhere! These are wonderful ways to honor them.

  6. Great ideas Rena! We love to read as as family!


  7. Hooray for authors and illustrators! We are a fabulous bunch if I do say so myself :)