Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The nose knows!

I took this picture years ago in Grand Teton National Park. If you ever want to see moose, Teton is the park to visit. They're all over the place. This picture cracks me up because it really shows how long their noses are. Moose are the funniest looking creatures. We've seen moose at our house, but not too often. Here are some fun facts about moose ...

Moose is both singular and plural.
Moose are herbivores and eat over 9,000 calories a day.
Males lose their antlers to conserve energy in the winter.
Antlers take 3-5 months to develop fully.
Males can weigh up to 1600 pounds.
Moose are the second largest animal in America.
They can run up to 35 mph.
Males are called bulls and females are cows.
Enemies include bears, wolves, and man.
The flap under their chin is called a dewlap or bell.

Grand Teton always reminds me of moose because that's where we see them most often. When I think of the word moose, I also think of Moosehead, my favorite beer from Canada. However, I always think of Bullwinkle when I think about moose too. I used to watch Rocky & Bullwinkle all the time ...


  1. I did not know a moose could run 35MPH. LOVE Rocky and Bullwinkle! What a hoot. (Did you ever watch Crusader Rabbit and Rags?)

  2. I think moose are cute!
    My son has jammies with moose on them and it says "moose be time for bed". :)

  3. I always thought they were slow. Guess because of Bullwinkle.

  4. We have moose here in Maine too,but more so up north. People "from away" will pay a pretty penny for a guide to take them moose watching. I have seen a couple moose once in someone's yard and mistook them for horses.My brother in law shot one a few years ago.It was loaded with ticks. Yuck!


  5. We have a lot of moose here - though in northern Ontario mostly. I used to work in the auto industry handling claims and I still remember an accident claim I had from a lady. She was driving along and heard a crash and looked back and a moose was in her back seat of her van. How she ever maintained her composure I don't know but she hit the door open button and her side door slid open - and the moose climbed out the other side! He walked away from the accident and her van was a total wreck of course.. and so was she! Scary.