Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy Birthday, Neil!

Today is Neil's 8th birthday. He's the youngest of my four kids. He's been so excited about his birthday coming up. My birthday was Monday and we had a DQ ice cream cake. It was so funny because when Rick got the cake out, Neil ran to the kitchen saying, "Okay, now we need forty-five candles!" What made it so cute was how serious he was. Then after I blew out my five candles (HA!), he asked to have one so he could practice for his birthday. I love how birthdays are such a big deal to kids -- almost like Christmas.

Of course, we have to get through school today and then wait for Rick to get off work before we can have his party. We're just doing a family thing at home tonight, minus Nicole, who is away at college. Even so, he'll have a good time. We're doing a G-Force theme for his party, so he's really excited about that because he's all into that movie right now. Plus, he's getting some really cool gifts, so it will be worth the wait for him. But now, we have to get through the rest of the day without too much anticipation -- yeahrightsure.

Happy 8th Birthday, Neil!


  1. Just wanted to add my Happy Birthday to Neil. I taught eight year olds for years--that's a great age to be. They still love their teacher but they like to be independent.

  2. Happy Birthday Neil! I hope all your birthday wishes come true...Hugs...

  3. I hope he had a fun day!!! My daughter turns eight this year, too!

  4. Happy Belated Birthday Neil. I hope you had a great day!


  5. Happy Birthday Neil - I am sure you had a fabulous 'G Force' party!