Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Six Lies & One Truth

The Six Lies --

I broke my arm falling off a balance beam -- false.
Although I took gymnastics for years and fell off the balance beam many times, I never broke my arm. In fact, the only bone I've ever broken was my collar bone and that was when I was screwing off at the table and flipped off my chair while eating dinner.

I was born two months premature -- false.
I'm pretty sure I was born at the regular time. My husband was actually born three months premature. He had the Rh Factor going on with his mom, had a full blood transfusion, and even had last rights given at birth. As for my birth, it was pretty uneventful.

I fell out of a car when I was six -- false.
I have never fallen out of a car, but my sister has. She was leaning on a car door when it opened and she tumbled onto the road. This was back in the 1970s when seatbelts weren't used as much. I believe she still has some tiny rocks embedded in her knee under the skin.

I rode in an elevator with Elvis Presley -- false.
I could only wish I had. I did, however, see Elvis get out of his helicopter on the lawns of the International Hilton hotel. No one else was around me at the time and when I told my family I had seen him, none of them believed me.

I have met all of the members of The Who -- false.
The only member of The Who I haven't met was Keith Moon. He died in 1978, which was just about the time I was really getting into the band. However, unlike Elvis, I DID ride in an elevator with Pete Townshend, John Entwistle, and Kenney Jones. I later met Roger Daltrey at his home in England (twice, actually).

I put ketchup on my scrambled eggs -- false.
I come from a family of ketchup freaks. We're one of those households that has to have a back-up ketchup in the cupboard at all times. I like ketchup, but only on French fries, hot dogs, and burgers, which I don't eat often.

The One Truth --

I got my driver's license when I was 23 -- true.
I came from a single parent home and my mom worked all the time. So, when all my friends were getting their licenses at 16, I didn't rush to it because I had nothing to drive. Plus, I met Rick around the same time and he drove me wherever I needed to go. I finally got my license after we bought a brand new turbo-engined Mercury Cougar. You can say I was lazy, or, you can say I just wanted to wait and do it in style.


  1. Those were very interesting! Of course I love the Elvis and Who stories! We buy the giant ketchup bottles and go through it like crazy, but I don't put ketchup on my scrambled eggs either.
    And wow! License at 23! Did you have to take a driver education course first?

  2. Hi Kelly -- No, I took the regular course in school, and apparently, that was good enough later on. I did have to take the written exam before the driving test.

    It's crazy in Montana because kids 16 years old and up don't even have to take a course. If they pass the written/driving part, they get their license. I think they have to take the course if they want to get their license earlier, which I think can be as young as 14. CrAzY!

  3. Congrats on the fun award. Speaking of awards, I gave you one in the beginning of February and...I may have totally forgotten to let you know about it! Oops, maybe I forgot to do word verification. Here's the link:

  4. Thanks, Jonathan! I'm sorry I missed that, but I've been all wrapped up in my MG story that I haven't been checking all my favorite blogs as much. Thanks for nominating me and also for letting me know. :)

  5. You beat me.I didn't get my license till I was 25. I was single and living on my own close to my job,but couldn't afford a car. When I met Andrew,he bought me a used car,and then taught me how to drive. I guess I did that all kind of backwards,but it was nice.


  6. I got mine outlandishly old too, I was around 25 or so. Before that I'd always just walked everywhere.

    Idaho has a lot of kids able to drive at an early age too, to help with the farming and harvesting, which to me seems pretty dangerous. I guess they just figure the kid'll do it anyway, might as well be "legal"

  7. Ahhh shucks, guessed wrong. I didn't get a licence state side til I was...30.

  8. awww - After I put The Who I wondered if they were all still alive!! :o) I got my licence when I turned 15, eek seems so young. Nowadays it is a lot harder to get a drivers licence and takes a few years before it is a full one.

  9. Wow! I got my license as soon as I was legal to do so, couldn't wait! Those were good Rena and fun!


  10. You fooled me and I'll have mine posted tomorrow.

  11. What a fun game! That's interesting about you being 23 before you got your license. I myself prefer to not drive if I don't have to.

  12. These are great Rena - I never would have guessed the truth vs the lies. (I do have to get my mind out of the gutter though - I read your first truth as you broke your collar bone when you were screwing on the table...) Um, no Tracy - read that again please! lol

    I was one of the keeners who got her driver's license at 16. This was actually good though as my hubby who I dated from age 18 on waited til he was 23 before getting his! (I guess I was his Rick who drove him everywhere he needed to go!) lol