Monday, February 8, 2010

On this day in history ...

  • Mary, the Queen of Scots, was executed in 1587.
  • Richard Johnson became the first Vice President in 1837.
  • The Boy Scouts of America began in 1910.
  • The Stars and Stripes was first published in 1918.
  • Lana Turner was born in 1921.
  • Nevada was the first state to use the gas chamber in 1924.
  • James Dean was born in 1931.
  • Composer John Williams was born in 1932.
  • Elizabeth II became Queen in 1952.
  • Rena Jones was born in 1965.
Of course, many other things happened on February 8th, but these stood out for me. How about you? What happened on the day you were born?


  1. Happy Birthday Rena! I remember this picture from last year. Very touching.

    Hope your day is wonderful!

  2. awww cute photo!
    Happy birthday to you. God bless you !

  3. I have no clue what happened on the day I was born,but what a great photo! And I hope you had a wonderful birthday! My hubby was born in '65 too.I was born in'70.


  4. Happy Birthday, Rena! I inadvertently celebrated your special day by having some great sushi for lunch. :)

    No idea what happened on the day I was born. I'll have to look it up now. ;)

    Sorry I haven't posted lately. I come by to read your blog everyday, but haven't had anything significant to say.


  5. Hope you are having a great day, Rena!

  6. I'm a day late...Happy Birthday Rena. 1965 was a very good year.

  7. Thanks, everyone!

    Hi Gale -- Hey, don't worry about not posting much. I love getting your emails and such. You need to get yourself over on Facebook sometime. ;)

  8. Belated happy birthday greetings! A joyful bundle to hold and cherish!

  9. Happy Birthday Rena - what an awesome photo!

    My birthday is June 11 and I checked out what happened on that date in history - certainly no James Dean or Lana Turner births! lol
    My highlights include:
    1509 King Henry VIII marries wife #1 Catharina of Aragon
    1937 Marx Brothers' "A Day At The Races" released
    1959 Hugh Laurie, born in Oxford, England, James Hugh Calum Laurie, actor, writer, musician, comedian, comedy partner, Stephen Fry, known for the Fry and Laurie double act, appears in successful Fox television drama House, playing role of Dr. Gregory House
    1978 "Grease" starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John opens

    **that was fun to look up though - the things I learn about by reading your blog Rena! Cool.