Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bear with me ...

I had another dream about bears early this morning. I'm starting to hate those. You would think I'd have a nice dream about Elvis or something, but no -- bears. And they're never cute, cuddly teddy bears either. Maybe I should listen to Elvis sing, "I just wanna be your teddy bear!" before bed. The bears in my dreams are always trying to get into the building I'm in. The doors never lock and the windows never close right. It's always the same.

This time I was in a building with the boys and there were bears all over outside. We were trying to get the doors shut. I look out a window and see a man hammering a sign into the ground saying he had killed three bears so far. There was more writing on the sign, but I didn't get to finish reading. Right as I was trying to read it, a large bear cub was trying to break its way through my door. I pushed on the bear's nose, but it was too strong for me, so I picked it up by the scruff of the neck and hurled it. Not a good move. Out of nowhere, this HUGE mama bear shows up. She was not happy. Next thing I know, the man with the sign hops down with a rolled up newspaper. He's holding it in one hand and tapping it onto his other hand, kind of like a baseball bat. It was almost like he was saying, "C'mon, you wanna piece of me?" Again, not a good move. The next thing I remember was the bear approaching him and then suddenly Jack Hanna is with him. The bear is just about to go for Jack's throat ... and then ... I woke up.

Man, I hate those dreams. There was an earlier part where one of the bears actually bit me and I remember feeling teeth on my hand. It had to have been a cub. The teeth were sharp, like a puppy, but 100 times worse. Crazy stuff. I dream about bears a lot. We have bears in our neighborhood. We didn't have any problems with them this past summer -- not like we did the year before, but they were still around. I have also read my share of bear attack books, which I'm sure doesn't help. It's kind of funny though. Out of all the picture books I've written, I don't have any about bears. Ironic, huh?

Rats must be less threatening. I never have bad dreams about rats. Thanks to everyone who voted for A New Job for Dilly in the Preditors & Editors Readers Polls. Dilly has managed to squeak his way up to the #4 spot again. I hope he can get even higher, but the polls are only open 4 more days until Janaury 14th. If you haven't voted, there's still time. Click here to cast your vote, and thanks again to everyone who has done so. Go Dilly, go Dilly!


  1. Rena I wouldn't call that a dream - I'd call that a nightmare. YIKES! That would not be a good way to wake up.

    And good luck to Dilly - climb Dilly, climb.


  2. There's LOTS of food here for a Jungian interpretation of these dreams. There is a message trying to be delivered from your unconscious to your conscious. If you try to look at the various parts of it symbolically, and what they may represent, these kinds of dreams become less frightening.

    I used to know more, and I hope I'm not being presumptuous. Bears might relate to animal instinct, energy, protectiveness, agression. You are in a building, with your kids, which might represent your home and family. The men might represent your masculine side. They are there, but not really strong or effective in protecting you. It may be you have a great deal of energy that needs expression. Or that something in your life needs to change which is why the building in your dream needs repair. The bears are there to tell you you can use their energy to tear down the old so that you can start anew. They are wonderful powerful symbols.

    Try to see them as your allies, rather than as frightening threats and your dreams may change. They may show themselves in a different manner. Right now that engergy is just trying to get your attention.

    Wonderful dream!

  3. I was leaving this comment I caught the picture of you and Evis. hahaha CRACK me up!! :)

    Anyway, I am no fan of bears, so please, keep them over there in your neck of the woods!! :)

  4. Yikes! I hate those kind of dreams too. Maybe the bears are telling you that they want you to write a bear book.

    Good luck and congrats w/ Dilly! :0)

  5. Eek! The thing (bears aside) that I find interesting is how much detail you can remember from your dreams. Many people only have vague feelings or minimal memories. I know I drive my hubby crazy because I can go on and on about a dream and he will say "Are you sure this was all in one dream?" lol While he will say things like "well, I think there was a cat in my dream' and stuff like that.

    Glad to find another 'detail dreamer.'

  6. You sure have some scary dreams!
    I guess you just grin and bear it!
    I can understand there must be a bit of anxiety at the back of your mind that causes you to have these dreams. I'm not surprised living in such close proximity, but I am sure you are more than careful, so try not to worry.
    I agree with CR. maybe you should write a bear book!

  7. I always have random dreams too. I need to have Bish to analyze them like she did yours I think!