Friday, January 15, 2010

Whoever invented ...

The other day I was in a weird mood -- no surprise there. I posted a few dumb things on my Facebook status. Again, no surprise. One of them was, "Whoever invented gummy vitamins for kids was a genius." I've never been able to get my kids to take vitamins until the gummies came out. What a great idea. The other status was, "Whoever invented chocolate covered liqueur cherries was a genius." I love those things. My sweet friend Gale sent me two boxes from Trader Joe's for Christmas this past year. Good stuff!

This got me thinking about other great inventions and/or discoveries. I thought it would make a fun blog post to see what crazy things come to people's mind. They can be serious or silly. Just fill in the blank and if you like, explain why you think that product or idea is genius.

Another one for me would be ... Whoever invented Fanci-Full was a genius. That's a temporary hair color. Oddly, I've seen it in stores for years, but never bothered to pick up a bottle to see what it was. It's found in the hair color section. I've always thought it had something to do with permanent solutions. Well, they changed the packaging and it caught my eye the other day. I couldn't believe something like this existed. I've seen touch-up sticks for hair coloring, but never something like this. And since I'm the type of person who needs a touch-up in between my touch-ups, this is an absolute genius invention. So, what comes to your mind?

Whoever invented __________ was a genius!


  1. I need to check out Fanci full, I usually need a touchup between touchups too!
    I love chocolate covered cherries, but not the liquor filled ones. I have two boxes in the pantry from Christmas. I have one with my breakfast every day. It's fruit isnt it?

  2. Sippy cups...
    Pull ups....
    Wet wipes....
    Baby's ambesol...

    Wow - can you tell what stage of life I am living? lol

    But seriously, I don't know how moms of the past did it. I don't think I would ever have had kids if I had to use a cloth diaper!

    As for gummi vitamins - I wish they would come out with something else again - my daughter won't go near those either. I told her that she needed to have a vitamin a day to be healthy and she said "healthy is over rated"

    Um, did I mention she is 3? Where do kids come up with stuff? lol

  3. Who ever invented:

    glue sticks
    the stapler
    duct tape
    Jacob's ladders

    were geniuses.

  4. That's funny, cuz I've been thinking along these very same lines lately and about bringing it to the blog. :)

    --Flushable wipes (these make me very happy)
    --Mouthguards (mine has superpowers)
    --Fleece (best fabric EVER)
    --Bluetooth (I feel so powerful when my car does what I tell it what to do--at least someone is listening)
    --Facebook (you know you secretly agree)
    --Digital Camera (cuz I need to see it right now)
    --Temperpedic (sp?) beds. (ohmygoooooshiabsolutelylovegoingtobedinMYbed)

    Okay, there's more, but I seriously think I need to make this into a blog post. :) Cuz girl, I can go on. :)

  5. Wow, there are so many things.

    I agree with a lot of what people have already said.