Friday, January 29, 2010

Feeling puzzled?

Today is National Puzzle Day. I don't know if that means all puzzles including jigsaws, or just the other problem-solving type puzzles like crosswords, Sudoku, riddles, or whatever. I like crossword puzzles, providing their fairly easy and don't leave me feeling too stupid. If they're about famous actors, television shows, or movies -- forget it. I'm so out of the loop. Animals are more my thing, or maybe national parks.

My favorite puzzles are the old, traditional jigsaws. I have always loved putting puzzles together. I don't do them as often now, but I have a few I'd like to put together sometime. My eyesight has been a little blurry lately, and the last thing I need is another reason to sit for long periods of time. However, I do enjoy them and so do the boys. Their puzzles are only around 100-200 pieces, so they're easier. I should probably stick with those myself.

On another note, I had to go to the doctor for blood work this morning. I don't know what's been going on with me, but I feel all out of sorts. My blood pressure is still high, even with the meds, and I'm often out of breath and dizzy. Yesterday I became very jittery just totally out of the blue. It might be my thyroid, or lack of it, so I'm having that checked. I'm supposed to be on meds for that, but I stopped taking them because I was lazy -- or an idiot, take your pick. So, whatever is going on with me is very puzzling, but hopefully we can get it figured out soon.


  1. Rena,

    Hope all is well with you soon! Sorry you're not feeling well.

    I used to love puzzles when I was kid. I'd force my mom to buy the 1000 piece ones. One time I made one of those 5000 piece puzzles. It took me forever! After all the work, the last piece in the box was missing! Right in the center no less! I remember it clearly! It was a giant black and white, cartoon cat puzzle, with one poor little kitty missing his face!


    Feel better soon!

    xoxo -- Hilary

  2. Funny I was just looking at some beautiful puzzles at Wal mart today,thinking about getting one. I don't own a single one. The kids have a wooden puzzle of the U.S., but that's all. I hope you get some good news at your appointment. You are in my thoughts and prayers.


  3. A) How do you find out about all these National Whatever Days?

    B) How do you always find the most appropriate photo for your posts?

    C) How do you become so cool, got tips?

  4. Rena--I hope you are feeling better soon. I hate it when doctor's can't figure out the problem...

    I wish I had known it was puzzle day...I would have picked a new one up at the book store. :)

  5. I love jigsaw puzzles when I'm in the right mood, but I'm not often in the right mood.

    Hope you find out the solution to your health soon, Rena. There's nothing worse than feeling off and not knowing why.

  6. Sorry you aren't feeling well, Rena. Have you ever looked into the possibility of a pheochromocytoma?

    I hope you feel better soon.

  7. Rena, do take care of yourself!

    I have always love doing jigsaw puzzles. But I don't do them so much any more simply because I don't have the space to leave a thousand plus pieces lying around.

  8. LOL Jonathon -- As they say, it's hard keeping up with the Joneses!

    Actually, I visit a site called and they list all these silly holidays. They have all the traditional ones too, but I usually pick out the whacky ones.

  9. Rena - feel better!

    I love jigsaw puzzles too - I used to have one on the go all the time... until I had children! I haven't done any for ages (hm, about 5 years now!) But I am hopeful there will come a day that the kids want to help mommy with a puzzle and not just pull it apart!

  10. Love puzzles here, I do one online everyday. Fun!

    I hope they find out what is going on with you soon so you can start to feel better. Hugs!